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12017Sprint Interval Training Decreases Circulating MicroRNAs Important for Muscle DevelopmentDenham, Joshua; Gray, Adrian ; Scott-Hamilton, John ; Hagstrom, Amanda 25-Apr-2018
22017Effect of Overnight Fasted Exercise on Weight Loss and Body Composition: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisHackett, Daniel; Hagstrom, Amanda 25-Apr-2018
32016The effect of resistance training on markers of immune function and inflammation in previously sedentary women recovering from breast cancer: a randomized controlled trialHagstrom, Amanda ; Marshall, Paul W M; Lonsdale, Chris; Papalia, Shona; Cheema, Birinder S; Toben, Catherine; Baune, Bernhard T; Fiatarone Singh, Maria A; Green, Simon2-Mar-2016
42016Resistance training improves fatigue and quality of life in previously sedentary breast cancer survivors: a randomised controlled trialHagstrom, Amanda ; Marshall, P W M; Lonsdale, C; Cheema, B S; Fiatarone Singh, M A; Green, S25-Aug-2016
52014Longer exercise training programs do not produce larger reductions in risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Time to introduce periodized exercise training programs?Hagstrom, Amanda ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Smart, Neil 8-May-2015

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Mandy Hagstrom
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Hagstrom, Amanda
Hagstrom, Amanda D
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School of Science and Technology
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