AssocProf Margaret Somerville

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12005And now I am going walking: Body learning in diabetes educationMcConnell-Imbriotis, Alison; Somerville, Margaret J 10-Aug-2012
22005Conversations between disciplines: historical archaeology and oral history at YarrawarraBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Somerville, Margaret Jean 1-May-2009
32005Aboriginal ecotourism and archaeology in coastal NSW, Australia: Yarrawarra Place Stories ProjectBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Murphy, D; Perkins, C; Perkins, T; Smith, Anita Jane; Somerville, Margaret Jean 30-Apr-2009
42005'Working' Culture: exploring notions of workplace culture and learning at workSomerville, Margaret Jean 4-Oct-2011
52005The Lacemakers: Remembering Women's Livesde Carteret, Phoenix; Somerville, Margaret J ; O'Sullivan, Jane26-Jun-2013
62005The challenges of ageismMinichiello, Victor ; Somerville, Margaret Jean ; McConaghy, Cathryn Elizabeth ; McParlane, Jennifer Ann ; Scott, Alan James Stewart5-Mar-2010
72004Learning in Community: The Song and Dance Women of the Fiery Cottagede Carteret, P; Edwards, H ; Mackay, FA; McConnell-Imbriotis, A; Nye, A ; Somerville, MJ ; Swain, JA26-Sep-2008
82004Applying the learning organisation concept in a resource squeezed service organisationSomerville, Margaret Jean ; McConnell-Imbriotis, Alison17-Jul-2012
92004Co-Emergent Bodies and Place in Workplace LearningSomerville, Margaret Jean 17-Jul-2012
102004Transformations: (re)generating research in adult education?Somerville, Margaret Jean 17-Jul-2012
112004Tracing bodylines: the body in feminist poststructural researchSomerville, Margaret Jean 8-Jan-2013
122004Towards 'a Postcolonial Practice of Writing'Somerville, Margaret Jean ; Probyn, F21-May-2009
132004Quality assurance in Aboriginal early childhood education: a participatory action research studyEdwards, Helen ; Somerville, Margaret J ; Boughton, Robert ; Catts, Ralph25-Jun-2013
142003Stretchmarks: Towards a grounded pedagogy of body/place knowingHartley, Laura Meriel; Somerville, Margaret J 28-Oct-2014
152003Contested communities of practice: who learns in aged care?Somerville, Margaret Jean 17-Jul-2012
162003Border Work in the Contact Zone: Thinking Indigenous/non-Indigenous collaboration spatiallySomerville, Margaret Jean ; Perkins, T4-May-2009
172002Embodied Places in Indigenous ecotourism: the Yarrawarra research projectBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Somerville, Margaret J 26-May-2009
182001Just a Pretty Picture? The practising artist and the influence of art education in the lives of visual arts graduatesReader, Paul Anthony; Somerville, Margaret J ; Wright, Peter; Brennan, Barrie5-Jan-2016
191999I am the Amazon who Dances on the Backs of Turtles: The Politics and Poetics of Writing Self and CommunityHutchison, Mary; Somerville, Margaret J 27-Sep-2010
201999Participatory Research Approach For Educational Needs Assessment For Farmer Educational Program In Sri LankaDissanayake, Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Bhashini Menike; Somerville, Margaret J ; Brennan, Barrie3-Nov-2011
211998A Study of Student Perceptions of Their Participation within the Context of a Joint Educational DevelopmentDavies, Marilyn; Somerville, Margaret J ; Dymock, Darryl24-Jul-2012
221998An Investigation of the Preparation of Adult Educators in Australia and its Possible Application for the Adult Education System of VietnamNgo, Xuan Tien; Davies, Susan; Somerville, Margaret J 25-Jul-2012
231997A journey towards partnership: The participatory process for developing a training programHarrison, Nea; Somerville, Margaret J 2-Nov-2010
241997Participatory research for agricultural extension in Sri LankaAbeyratne, Basnayake Mudiyanselage; Somerville, Margaret J 18-Oct-2010
251996The Indefinite Article: A Body. An Exploration of Relationship Between Language and BodyHartley, Laura Meriel; Somerville, Margaret J 13-Jan-2016

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AssocProf Margaret Somerville
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Somerville, Margaret J
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