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12018Where did mountain pine beetle populations in Jasper Park come from? Tracking beetles with geneticsTrevoy, Stephen A L; Janes, Jasmine ; Sperling, Felix A H13-Apr-2018
22018Spatial and temporal assessments of genetic structure in an endangered Garry oak ecosystem on Vancouver IslandCatherall, Erin E; Janes, Jasmine ; Josefsson, Caroline A; Gorrell, Jamieson C19-Apr-2018
32017The K=2 conundrumJanes, Jasmine ; Miller, Joshua M; Dupuis, Julian R; Malenfant, Rene M; Gorrell, Jamieson C; Cullingham, Catherine I; Andrew, Rose 3-Jan-2018
42017Mixing It Up: The Role of Hybridization in Forest Management and Conservation under Climate ChangeJanes, Jasmine ; Hamilton, Jill3-Apr-2018
52017Phylogeography of a migratory songbird across its Canadian breeding range: Implications for conservation unitsHache, Samuel; Bayne, Erin M; Grossi, Alexandra A; Gorrell, Jamieson C; Krikun, Richard; Villard, Marc-Andre; Proctor, Heather; Davis, Corey S; Stralberg, Diana; Janes, Jasmine ; Hallworth, Michael T; Foster, Kenneth R; Chidambara-vasi, Easwaramurthyvasi16-Apr-2018
62016Adaptive and neutral markers both show continent-wide population structure of mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae)Batista, Philip D; Janes, Jasmine ; Boone, Celia K; Murray, Brent W23-Mar-2018
72016Modeling Landscape-Level Spatial Variation in Sex Ratio Skew in the Mountain Pine Beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)James, Patrick M A; Janes, Jasmine ; Roe, Amanda; Cooke, Barry16-Apr-2018
82016The Role of Population Genetic Structure in Understanding and Managing Pine BeetlesJanes, Jasmine ; Batista, P D17-May-2018
92016Voyage of discovery? A comment on Koch et al. "A voyage to Terra Australis: human-mediated dispersal of cats"Andrew, Rose ; Smith, Deane; Gorrell, Jamieson C; Janes, Jasmine 25-May-2017
102015Warming and elevated CO2 combine to increase microbial mineralisation of soil organic matterOsanai, Yui ; Janes, Jasmine ; Newton, Paul C D; Hovenden, Mark J16-Apr-2018
112015Polygamy and an absence of fine-scale structure in Dendroctonus ponderosae (Hopk.) (Coleoptera: Curcilionidae) confirmed using molecular markersJanes, Jasmine ; Roe, A D; Rice, A V; Gorrell, Jamie ; Coltman, D W; Langor, D W; Sperling, F A H16-Apr-2018
122014How the Mountain Pine Beetle ('Dendroctonus ponderosae') Breached the Canadian Rocky MountainsJanes, Jasmine ; Li, Yisu; Sperling, Felix A H; Keeling, Christopher I; Yuen, Macaire M S; Boone, Celia K; Cooke, Janice E K; Bohlmann, Joerg; Huber, Dezene P W; Murray, Brent W; Coltman, David W11-Jan-2018
132014Conflict in outcomes for conservation based on population genetic diversity and genetic divergence approaches: a case study in the Japanese relictual conifer Sciadopitys verticillata (Sciadopityaceae)Worth, James R P; Yokogawa, Masashi; Perez-Figueroa, Andres; Tsumura, Yoshihiko; Tomaru, Nobuhiro; Janes, Jasmine ; Isagi, Yuji16-Apr-2018
142013Draft genome of the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins, a major forest pestKeeling, Christopher I; Yuen, Macaire M S; Henderson, Hannah; Janes, Jasmine ; Zhao, Yongjun; Pandoh, Pawan; Moore, Richard; Sperling, Felix A H; Huber, Dezene P W; Birol, Inanc; Jones, Steven J M; Bohlmann, Joerg; Liao, Nancy Y; Docking, T Roderick; Chan, Simon K; Taylor, Greg A; Palmquist, Diana L; Jackman, Shaun D; Nguyen, Anh; Li, Maria11-Jan-2018
152012Decomposition and nitrogen transformation rates in a temperate grassland vary among co-occurring plant speciesOsanai, Yui ; Flittner, Anna; Janes, Jasmine ; Theobald, Phil; Pendall, Elise; Newton, Paul C D; Hovenden, Mark J11-Jan-2018
162012What does population structure analysis reveal about the Pterostylis longifolia complex (Orchidaceae)?Janes, Jasmine ; Steane, Dorothy A; Vaillancourt, Rene E16-Apr-2018
172010An investigation into the ecological requirements and niche partitioning of Pterostylidinae (Orchidaceae) speciesJanes, Jasmine ; Steane, Dorothy A; Vaillancourt, Rene E16-Apr-2018
182010Three new combinations of Pterostylis (Orchidaceae)Janes, Jasmine ; Duretto, Marco16-Apr-2018
192010A new classification for subtribe Pterostylidinae (Orchidaceae), reaffirming Pterostylisin the broad senseJanes, Jasmine ; Duretto, Marco16-Apr-2018
202010A molecular phylogeny of the subtribe Pterostylidinae (Orchidaceae): resolving the taxonomic confusionJanes, Jasmine ; Steane, Dorothy A; Vaillancourt, Rene E; Duretto, Marco16-Apr-2018
212009Techniques for Tasmanian Native Orchid GerminationJanes, Jasmine 14-May-2018
222008The occurrence and conservation status of Tasmanian Pterostylis (Orchidaceae)Janes, Jasmine ; Steane, Dorothy A; Vaillancourt, Rene E13-Apr-2018
232008Influence of warming on soil water potential controls seedling mortality in perennial but not annual species in a temperate grasslandHovenden, Mark J; Newton, Paul C D; Wills, Karen E; Janes, Jasmine ; Williams, Amity L; Vander Schoor, Jacqueline K; Nolan, Michaela J13-Apr-2018
242007Warming and free-air CO2 enrichment alter demographics in four co-occurring grassland speciesWilliams, Amity L; Wills, Karen E; Janes, Jasmine ; Vander Schoor, Jacqueline K; Newton, Paul C D; Hovenden, Mark J16-Apr-2018
252006A short review on the history of orchid taxonomyJanes, Jasmine 17-Apr-2018

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