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12018Clinical leadership and nursing explored: A literature searchStanley, David ; Stanley, Karen 5-Jun-2018
22018Nurse participation in legal executions: An ethics round-table discussionShields, Linda; Watson, Roger; Darbyshire, Philip; McKenna, Hugh; Williams, Ged; Hungerford, Catherine; Stanley, David ; Ben-Sefer, Ellen; Benedict, Susan ; Goodman, Benny; Draper, Peter; Anderson, Judith1-Mar-2019
32017Clinical Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare: Values into ActionStanley, David 21-Sep-2017
42017Cross-sectional designStanley, David 21-Sep-2017
52017A qualitative study on feedback provided by students in nurse educationChan, Zenobia C Y; Stanley, David ; Meadus, Robert J; Chien, Wai Tong26-Sep-2017
62017Health professionals' perceptions of clinical leadership: A pilot studyStanley, David ; Blanchard, Denise; Hohol, Amali; Hutton, Marani; McDonald, Anna; Albert, Lee12-Sep-2017
72016Dispositional mindfulness and employment status as predictors of resilience in third year nursing students: a quantitative studyChamberlain, Diane; Williams, Allison; Stanley, David ; Mellor, Peter; Cross, Wendy; Siegloff, Lesley23-Aug-2017
82016Carrier screening for beta-thalassemia in the Maldives: perceptions of parents of affected children who did not take part in screening and its consequencesWaheed, Fazeela; Fisher, Colleen; Awofeso, AwoNiyi; Stanley, David 28-Aug-2017
92016Twelve possible strategies for enhancing interprofessional socialisation in higher education: Findings from an interpretive phenomenological studyStanley, Karen ; Dixon, Kathryn; Warner, Paul; Stanley, David 28-Aug-2017
102016Incivility in nursing: from roots to repairMikaelian, Belinda; Stanley, David 28-Aug-2017
112016The male of the species: A profile of men in nursingStanley, David ; Beament, Tania; Falconer, Darren; Haigh, Margaret; Saunders, Rosemary; Stanley, Karen ; Wall, Peter; Nielson, Sharon28-Aug-2017
122016Jill and TerryStanley, David 21-Sep-2017
132016Project management supports the change processStanley, David ; Malone, Linda; Shields, Linda26-Sep-2017
142016Would you recommend nursing as a career to men?Stanley, David ; Beament, Tania; Falconer, Darren; Haigh, Margaret; Saunders, Rosemary; Stanley, Karen ; Wall, Peter9-Oct-2017
152015Professional skills for nurses and other health professionals: Contexts and capability of practicePerrin, Cheryl; Stanley, David ; Taylor, Melissa13-Jun-2017
162015Advice for running a successful research teamStanley, David ; Anderson, Judith28-Aug-2017
172015Celluloid Angels: The Power of StoriesStanley, David 17-Aug-2017
182014Clinical leadership characteristics confirmedStanley, David 29-Aug-2017
192014How to prepare for an international elective clinical placementStanley, David 25-Sep-2017
202014A word or two on writingStanley, David 18-Oct-2017
212014Perceptions of clinical leadership in an aged care residential facility in Perth, Western AustraliaStanley, David ; Latimer, Karen; Atkinson, Julie12-Sep-2017
222013The Pangolin Diary: An Australian Male Midwife in AfricaStanley, David 18-Sep-2017
232012You, Me and YouTube: Cutting-Edge TeachingStanley, David ; Lenahan, Patricia; Thibodeau, Edward; Consonni, Lauren; Crawford, LaTasha12-Sep-2017
242012Lessons out of AfricaBallenger, D; Henry, S; Preston, R; Webb Were, S; Stanley, David 12-Sep-2017
252012Electronic portfolios: Demonstrating student competence against external accreditation standardsStanley, David ; Glaister, Karen15-Sep-2017
262012Angels and demons: Nurses on screenStanley, David 15-Sep-2017
272012Beyond Nurse Ratched: NursingStanley, David 15-Sep-2017
282012Perceptions of Clinical Leadership in the St. John Ambulance Service in WAStanley, David ; Cuthbertson, Joseph; Latimer, Karen16-Aug-2017
292012The nurses' role in the prevention of Solanum infection: dealing with a zombie epidemicStanley, David 15-Sep-2017
302012Celluloid devils: a research study of male nurses in feature filmsStanley, David 15-Sep-2017
312012Clinical leadership and innovationStanley, D 15-Sep-2017
322011'The Ward ': A simulation game for nursing studentsStanley, David ; Latimer, Karen14-Sep-2017
332011WA to Tanzania: Broadening the horizons of nursingStanley, David 14-Sep-2017
342011Clinical leadership: Innovation into actionStanley, David 14-Sep-2017
352011Developing workable research methods: Lessons from a pilot study with vulnerable participants and complex assessmentsStanley, David 9-Nov-2017
362010Multigenerational workforce issues and their implications for leadership in nursingStanley, David 26-Sep-2017
372010Lamp light on leadership: Clinical leadership and Florence NightingaleStanley, David ; Sherratt, Amanda3-Oct-2017
382010Kozier and Erb's Fundamentals of Nursing: First Australian EditionKozier, Barbara; Erb, Glenora; Park, Tanya; Parker, Barbara; Reid-Searl, Kerry; Stanley, David ; Berman, Audrey; Snyder, Shirlee; Levett-Jones, Tracy; Dwyer, Trudy; Hales, Majella; Harvey, Nicole; Luxford, Yoni ; Moxham, Lorna25-May-2011
392009Preparing the air for nursing care: A grounded theory study of first line nurse managersStanley, David 14-Feb-2018
402009Smoking Cessation Program Targeting Adolescents: Saudi ArabiaAl-Lehiany, Obaidullah; Stanley, David 9-Nov-2017
412009Leadership: behind the maskStanley, David 30-Nov-2017
422008Accessing elite nurses for research: Reflections on the theoretical and practical issues of telephone interviewingStanley, David 14-Feb-2018
432008Congruent leadership: values in actionStanley, David 9-Nov-2017
442008Celluloid angels: A research study of nurses in feature films 1900-2007Stanley, David 9-Nov-2017
452008Male and female nursing applicants' attitudes and expectations towards their future careers in nursingStanley, David 9-Nov-2017
462007Lights in the shadows: Florence nightingale and others who made their markStanley, David 9-Nov-2017
472006Sadness and joy: giving birth in ZimbabweStanley, David 6-Nov-2017
482006In command of care: Toward the theory of congruent leadershipStanley, David 9-Nov-2017
492006Recognizing and defining clinical nurse leadersStanley, David 9-Nov-2017
502006In command of care: clinical nurse leadership exploredStanley, David 9-Nov-2017

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