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12010Creating an Authentic Tourist Site?: The Australian Standing Stones, Glen InnesConnell, John; Rugendyke, Barbara A 28-Oct-2010
22010Sustainable futures? Displacement, development and the MuongRugendyke, Barbara A ; Nguyen, Thi Son23-Jun-2011
32008Tourism and local people in the Asia-Pacific regionConnell, John; Rugendyke, Barbara Anne 19-Oct-2009
42008Priorities, People and Preservation: Nature-based tourism at Cuc Phuong National Park, VietnamRugendyke, Barbara Anne ; Nguyen, Thi Son14-Oct-2009
52008Non-government public action networks and global policy processesRugendyke, Barbara Anne 19-Oct-2009
62008Tourism at the Grassroots: Villagers and Visitors in the Asia PacificConnell, John; Rugendyke, Barbara Anne 7-Oct-2009
72008Geographies of Development: Towards Global Equity?Rugendyke, Barbara Anne 19-Oct-2009
82008Marginal People and Marginal Places?Rugendyke, Barbara Anne ; Connell, John19-Oct-2009
92007Lilliputians or leviathans?: NGOs as advocatesRugendyke, Barbara Anne 19-Oct-2009
102007Making poverty history?Rugendyke, Barbara Anne 20-Oct-2009
112007Charity to advocacy: Changing agendas of Australian NGOsRugendyke, Barbara Anne ; Ollif, Cathryn20-Oct-2009
122006Harold Brookfield (1926-)Connell, J; Rugendyke, BA 18-Sep-2008
132005Conservation costs: nature-based tourism as development at Cuc Phuong National Park, VietnamRugendyke, BA ; Son, NT5-May-2008
142005W(h)ither development geography in Australia?Rugendyke, BA 6-May-2008
152005Citation - Award of Institute of Australian Geographers' Australia-International Medal: Harold Chilingworth BrookfieldRugendyke, Barbara Anne 1-May-2009
162003Impacts, SocialRugendyke, Barbara Anne ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis James 22-Oct-2009
172003World Health OrganizationRugendyke, Barbara Anne 27-Oct-2009
182003CommunityWalmsley, Jim Dennis James ; Rugendyke, Barbara Anne 27-Oct-2009
192003Non Government OrganisationsRugendyke, BA 13-Aug-2008

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Prof Barbara Rugendyke
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Rugendyke, Barbara A
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School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences
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