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12017Executive compensation among Australian mining and non-mining firms: Risk taking, long and short-term incentivesYarram, Subba Reddy ; Rice, John 29-May-2017
22015Corporate governance ratings and the dividend payout decisions of Australian corporate firmsYarram, Subba Reddy 30-Apr-2015
32015Corporate governance and financial policies: Influence of board characteristics on the dividend policy of Australian firmsYarram, Subba Reddy ; Dollery, Brian E 7-May-2015
42015CEO Pay, Governance and Performance: An Empirical Study of Australian FirmsYarram, S Reddy 19-Jun-2015
52015The causal relationship between stock market development, bank development, Islamic and conventional insurance development, and economic growth: The Case of MalaysiaSalem, Elhadi Abubaker Frag; Hovey, Martin ; Yarram, Subba 8-Jan-2016
62014Earnings Management, Cost of Equity Capital and Corporate Governance: An Empirical Analysis of Thai Listed CompaniesSukeecheep Moss, Supawadee; Yarram, Subba ; Farooque, Omar 12-Dec-2014
72014Nepalese Commercial Banks: Performance, Non-performing Loans and Corporate GovernancePoudel, Ravi Prakash Sharma; Hovey, Martin ; Yarram, Subba 19-Jan-2015
82014Factors influencing on-market share repurchase decisions in AustraliaYarram, Subba Reddy 22-Aug-2014
92014CEO's Pay Slice, Governance, and Performance: A StudyYarram, Subba Reddy 19-Aug-2014
102013Characteristics of Financial Reporting Quality: A Holistic Assessment of Financial Outcomes and Communication PracticesBayerlein, Leopold ; Yarram, Subba ; Cooksey, Ray30-Sep-2013
112013Sustainability Reporting, Accountability and Stakeholder Perspectives: An empirical analysis of Multinational Organizations in Australia, United Kingdom and South AfricaAhulu, Helena Koteikor; Yarram, Subba ; Cooksey, Ray; Farooque, Omar ; Gibson, Brian 30-Sep-2013
122013Corporate Governance, Ownership Type and Corporate Performance in Emerging Economies: Empirical Evidence from Sri LankaNambukara Gamage, Bandula Sisira Kumara; Hovey, Martin ; Yarram, Subba 23-Sep-2013
132013Influence of Corporate Board Structure and Functioning on Financial Leverage of Australian FirmsYarram, Subba Reddy 25-Jun-2015
142013Corporate Governance and Share Buybacks in AustraliaYarram, Subba Reddy 19-Jul-2013
152013Evidence on Two-Way Relationships Between Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and Country-Level Individual Governance IndicatorsFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba Reddy 8-Aug-2014
162013Ownership and Financial Leverage: Australian EvidenceYarram, Subba Reddy 31-Jul-2014
172013Corporate Governacne and Pay-Performance SensitivityYarram, Subba Reddy 19-Aug-2014
182012Influence of Ownership Structure on Finance Leverage: A Study of Australian FirmsYarram, Subba Reddy 16-Nov-2012
192012Corporate Governance, Cash holdings and Value of a Firm: Evidence from Australian FirmsYarram, Subba Reddy 6-Feb-2013
202012Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Corporate Legitimacy: A Comparative Study of Social and Economic Reporting of Multinational Companies in Australia, South Africa and United KingdomAhulu, Helena K; Yarram, Subba Reddy ; Farooque, Omar 10-Apr-2013
212012Influence of corporate board structure and functioning on financial leverage of Australian firmsYarram, Subba Reddy 10-Apr-2013
222011Board Characteristics and Dividend Policy: Australian EvidenceYarram, Subba Reddy 7-Aug-2012
232011Trading Activity in the Indian Stock Markets: A Historical Comparison of the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock ExchangeYarram, Subba Reddy 4-Apr-2012
242010Managerial ownership and corporate performance: Evidence from MalaysiaYarram, Subba Reddy ; Balachandran, Balasingham7-Jul-2011
252010Macro-level Corporate Governance and FDI: Cross-sectional International EvidenceFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba R 29-Jun-2011
262010Capital Structure Determinants: Malaysian EvidenceYarram, Subba Reddy 12-Jan-2012
272010Corporate governance and foreign direct investment inflows: cross-sectional international evidenceFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba Reddy 6-May-2011
282009Causal relation between Corporate Governance and Foreign Direct Investment: Cross-sectional International EvidenceFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba Reddy 23-Mar-2010
292009Additional Evidence on Foreign Direct Investment, International Accounting Standards and Governance InteractionsYarram, Subba Reddy ; Farooque, Omar 26-Mar-2010
302009International Evidence on Governance and Foreign Direct Investment InteractionsFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba Reddy ; Khandaker, Sarod22-Mar-2010
312007Ownership and Performance: Evidence from an emerging marketYarram, Subba Reddy ; Balachandran, Balasingham; Sivalingam, G7-Aug-2012
322007Loss and dividend changes: analysis of Indian firmsYarram, Subba Reddy 18-Dec-2009
332005An Empirical Analysis of Changes in Financial Leverage Following Mergers of Australian FirmsRath, S; Yarram, SR 29-Sep-2008
342005Disappearing dividends in emerging markets: Evidence from IndiaYarram, SR ; Rath, S9-May-2008
352004Dividend Behaviour of Corporate Firms in Emerging Markets: An Empirical Analysis of Indian FirmsYarram, SR ; Rath, S25-Sep-2008
362004Long-Run Operating Performance of Indian Firms Offering Seasoned EquityYarram, SR ; Rath, S26-Sep-2008

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