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12013Effects of nutrient and lime additions in mine site rehabilitation strategies on the accumulation of antimony and arsenic by native Australian plantsWilson, Susan C ; Leech, Calvin D; Butler, Leo; Lisle, Leanne ; Ashley, Paul ; Lockwood, Peter V 27-Nov-2013
22012Rapid, Nondestructive Total Elemental Analysis of Vertisol Soils using Portable X-ray FluorescenceMcLaren, Timothy; Guppy, Christopher ; Tighe, Matthew ; Forster, Nicola; Grave, Peter ; Lisle, Leanne ; Bennett, John7-Sep-2012
32005The Transition to the Early Modern Economy in East and Southeast Asia, 1400-1750 AD: Production and Exchange of Stoneware JarsGrave, P ; Maccheroni, M; Lisle, L 6-Aug-2008
42005Multivariate comparison of ICP-OES and PIXE/PIGE analysis of east Asian storage jarsGrave, P ; Lisle, L ; Maccheroni, M27-Jun-2008
52004Nitrification in pastures on the Northern Tablelands of NSWDalby, Tina; Lockwood, Peter Vincent ; Koen, T; Wilson, Brian ; Lisle, Leanne ; Daniel, Heiko 20-Jul-2012
62004Comparison of Digestion Methods for ICP-OES Analysis of a Wide Range of Analytes in Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil Samples with Specific Reference to Arsenic and AntimonyTighe, M ; Lockwood, PV ; Wilson, SC ; Lisle, L 18-Jul-2008

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Leanne Lisle
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Lisle, Leanne
Lisle, L
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School of Environmental and Rural Science
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