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12018A Speculative Solution to the Instantiation and Structure Problems for UniversalsForrest, Peter 15-Jun-2018
22017Religious Faith and Intellectual VirtueForrest, Peter 13-Feb-2018
32017Review of 'Religious Faith and Intellectual Virtue'. Edited by Laura Frances Callahan and Timothy O'Connor. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. xii + 334 pp. £45.00Forrest, Peter 9-Feb-2018
42017Review of 'Purpose in the Universe'. By Tim Mulgan. (Oxford: OUP, 2015. Pp. 448. Price £50.)Forrest, Peter 16-May-2017
52017Acquaintance with UniversalsForrest, Peter 25-May-2017
62016The Mereology of Structural UniversalsForrest, Peter 12-Oct-2016
72016The Personal Pantheist Conception of GodForrest, Peter 27-May-2016
82015William Kingdon Clifford: An unconventional mindGilbody, Robert; Forrest, Peter ; Blinov, Arcady 2-Jun-2015
92015The Multiverse: Separate Worlds, Branching, or Hyperspace? And What Implications Are There for Theism?Forrest, Peter 30-Jun-2015
102015Review of Schilbrack, Kevin, 'Philosophy and the Study of Religions: A Manifesto', Malden, MA: Wiley Blackwell, 2014, pp. xx + 226, AUD $41.95 (paperback), AUD $19.95 (hardback), AUD $33.99 (e-book).Forrest, Peter 18-Dec-2015
112015A Critical Reading of the Writings of John Shelby Spong: With a Focus on His Treatment of the Resurrection in Early ChristianityLilley, Gordon Mitford; Garland, Lynda; Forrest, Peter ; Dillon, Matthew 6-Jan-2016
122014On Molinism and Manipulation: Does Molinism answer the problems about Providence, Foreknowledge and Free Will?Anderson, Robert Ian; Forrest, Peter ; Lynch, Anthony 8-Apr-2015
132014Conflicting Intuitions about SpaceForrest, Peter 23-Apr-2014
142013An Examination of John Schellenberg's Austere UltimismForrest, Peter 16-Sep-2013
152013Environmental Values and the Ecological Crisis: A Drama-logueNorris, Stephen John; Lynch, Anthony ; Forrest, Peter ; McDonald, William 1-Oct-2013
162013Exemplification and ParthoodForrest, Peter 12-Dec-2014
172012A Noneistic Metaphysics of ContentGawthorne, David; Forrest, Peter ; Gray, Frances; Walsh, Adrian 3-Aug-2012
182012On the Argument from Divine ArbitrarinessForrest, Peter 16-Oct-2012
192012Replying to the anti-God challenge: a God without moral character acts wellForrest, Peter 9-Mar-2012
202012Proof of Nothing: Post-modern thought after LeibnizIntemann, Lisa Christina; Forrest, Peter ; Blinov, Arcady 18-Apr-2012
212012The Necessary Structure of the All-pervading Aether: Discrete or Continuous? Simple or Symmetric?Forrest, Peter 18-Jan-2013
222012Review of Paul K. Moser, 'The Evidence for God: Religious Knowledge Reexamined'. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. x + 280 pp.Forrest, Peter 19-Feb-2013
232012Truths about non-existent things: Review of Jody Azzouni: 'Talking about nothing: Numbers, hallucinations and fictions'. New York: Oxford University Press, 2010, 288pp, $74.00 HBForrest, Peter 5-Jun-2012
242011Review of 'Inquiring about God: Selected Essays, Volume 1' By Nicholas Wolterstorff, Edited by Terence Cuneo: Cambridge University Press, 2010. VIII + 314 pp. £50.00 & 'Practices of Belief: Selected Essays, Volume 2' By Nicholas Wolterstorff, Edited by Terence Cuneo: Cambridge University Press, 2010. X + 436 pp. £50.00Forrest, Peter 28-Feb-2013
252011In Defence of Anthropomorphic TheismForrest, Peter 20-Oct-2011
262011Missing the Point Many Times Over? Australian Philosophical AtheismForrest, Peter 18-Jun-2012
272010Mereotopology without MereologyForrest, Peter 14-May-2010
282010Armstrong, D. M.Forrest, Peter 7-Dec-2010
292010The Identity of IndiscerniblesForrest, Peter 12-Nov-2010
302010Materialism, AustralianForrest, Peter 7-Dec-2010
312010Can a Soufflé Rise Twice? Van Inwagen's Irresponsible Time-TravelersForrest, Peter 17-Sep-2010
322010Spinozistic Pantheism, the Environment and ChristianityForrest, Peter 16-May-2011
332009The Philosophical Scandal of the Wrong Kind of Religious DisagreementForrest, Peter 30-Mar-2010
342009Review of 'A World for Us: the Case for Phenomenalistic Idealism.' by John Foster: (Oxford UP, 2008. Pp. 261. Price £35.00.)Forrest, Peter 27-May-2010
352009Music, Geometry, and the Listener: Space in The History of Western Philosophy and Western Classical MusicBuck, Mary; Forrest, Peter ; Walsh, Adrian 17-Oct-2011
362009The Incarnation: A philosophical Case for KenosisForrest, Peter 23-Nov-2010
372009Review of 'Theism and Ultimate Explanation: The Necessary Shape of Contingency' by Timothy O'Connor: Blackwell, 2008. XIV + 178 PP. ₤40.00Forrest, Peter 6-Sep-2010
382009Divine Fission: A New Way of Moderating Social TrinitarianismForrest, Peter 6-Oct-2010
392009Razor ArgumentsForrest, Peter 7-Apr-2014
402009Why Richard Swinburne Won't 'Rot in Hell': A Defense of Tough-minded TheodicyForrest, Peter 10-Mar-2010
412009Vectors on Curved SpaceForrest, Peter 9-Mar-2010
422008Relativity, the Passage of Time and the Cosmic ClockForrest, Peter 24-Feb-2010
432007Developmental Theism: From Pure Will to Unbounded LoveForrest, Peter 29-Apr-2009
442007Mereological summation and the question of unique fusionForrest, Peter 1-May-2009
452007The Tree of Life: Agency and Immortality in a Metaphysics Inspired by Quantum TheoryForrest, Peter 6-Aug-2009
462006Collective Guilt; Individual ShameForrest, Peter 1-May-2009
472006Uniform Grounding of Truth and the Growing Block Theory: A Reply to HeathwoodForrest, Peter 1-May-2009
482006Epistemic BootstrappingForrest, Peter 7-May-2009
492006Endurance and FatalismForrest, Peter 1-Jul-2009
502006The Operator Theory of InstantiationForrest, Peter 27-Jun-2008

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