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12016Recent activity by Peace Studies, University of New England, AustraliaBranagan, Marty 16-Jun-2016
22014Editorial: Mining in a Sustainable WorldBranagan, Marty ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Kennedy, Amanda L 15-Oct-2014
32014The Australian Movement Against Uranium Mining: Its Rationale and EvolutionBranagan, Marty 31-Oct-2014
42014IntroductionJenkins, Bertram A ; Branagan, Marty 18-Nov-2014
52014Cultivating Peace: Contexts, Practices and Multidimensional ModelsWare, Helen ; Jenkins, Bertram A ; Branagan, Marty ; Subedi, Dambaru B 18-Nov-2014
62009Southern New England Social and Community Plan 2009 - Covering Local Government Authorities: Armidale Dumaresq, Guyra, Uralla and WalchaHoracek, Stefan; Branagan, Marty ; Scott, John ; Reavell, Ron 20-Aug-2012
72009Nonviolence or Continued Militarism and Climate Change?Branagan, Marty 12-Sep-2011
82007Activism and the power of humourBranagan, Martin 25-May-2009
92007The Last laugh: humour in community activismBranagan, Martin 11-Jun-2009
102005Environmental Education, Activism and the ArtsBranagan, Martin 4-Jun-2009
112003The Art of NonviolenceBranagan, Martin 22-May-2009
122003The Art(s) of Non-violent ActivismBranagan, Marty 17-Aug-2011
132003How Do You Learn How to Change the World?: Learning and Teaching in Australian Protest MovementsBoughton, Robert George ; Branagan, Martin 6-Nov-2009
142003'We Shall Never Be Moved': Australian Developments in NonviolenceBranagan, Marty 20-May-2010

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