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12018Addressing dimensions of "The Great Moral Wrong": How inequity in music education is polarizing the academic potential of Australian studentsBrasche, Inga; Thorn, Benjamin 20-Aug-2018
22017The Great War in 'The Armidale Express'Thorn, Benjamin 6-Jul-2017
32017Keep the Presses Running: the Australian printing industry in the twentieth centuryThorn, Benjamin 6-Jul-2017
42015Musical experience and confidence of pre-service primary teachersThorn, Benjamin ; Brasche, Inga 16-Feb-2016
52015Imagining SpaceThorn, Benjamin ; Durham, Christine 20-Jun-2017
62015Out of the FrameThorn, Benjamin ; Cope, Gordon 20-Jun-2017
72014Print and Process II: Works from the permanent collectionThorn, Benjamin 3-Sep-2015
820147th New England Bach FestivalThorn, Benjamin 1-Sep-2015
92014BC - Before ComputersThorn, Bejamin ; Durham, Christine1-Sep-2015
102014TypographiaThorn, Benjamin 1-Sep-2015
112014Mirror: for recorder quartet (Descant, Treble, Tenor, Bass)Thorn, Benjamin 2-Nov-2015
122013Polly wants a cracker: for recorder and live electronicsThorn, Benjamin 23-Dec-2014
1320126th New England Bach FestivalThorn, Benjamin 2-Oct-2014
142012Three Follies for Bass RecorderThorn, Benjamin 23-Dec-2014
152012Any Blue Cat Dances: for AATB recorders, keyboard with optional viola da gambaThorn, Benjamin 20-Jan-2015
162011Poet ZincThorn, Benjamin 2-Oct-2014
172011The Manchester Quadrille: for recorder trio (Treble, Tenor, Bass)Thorn, Benjamin 23-Dec-2014
182011When a maid gets to thirty and others: for recorder trio (Treble, Tenor, Bass)Thorn, Benjamin 23-Dec-2014
192011Johnny make a wedding and others: for recorder trio (Treble, Tenor, Bass)Thorn, Benjamin 23-Dec-2014
202011Drone Dances: for two trebles and humming audienceThorn, Benjamin 22-Dec-2014
212011Waking Forest and Animal Dance: for recorder quintet (various combinations of 2D, Tr, 5T, B, GB, CB)Thorn, Benjamin 20-Jan-2015
2220105th New England Bach FestivalThorn, Benjamin 2-Oct-2014
232010The Cabinet of Typographical MonstrositiesThorn, Benjamin 2-Oct-2014
242010A Book of Thorny Carols: for three and four recordersThorn, Benjamin ; Michels-Thorn, Cecile14-Jan-2015
252009Plumbing for Platypuses: for alto saxophone and pianoThorn, Benjamin 14-Jan-2015
262009A Quire of Quolls: for cello and pianoThorn, Benjamin 16-Jan-2015
272009All your sheep try origami: for three violins, two cellos and double bassThorn, Benjamin 16-Jan-2015
282009Croutons VI: for solo violinThorn, Benjamin 16-Jan-2015
292009Evolution of the World: 3 violins and celloThorn, Benjamin 16-Jan-2015
302009Cross Hatching: for four cellosThorn, Benjamin 16-Jan-2015
312009Chickpeas II: for violaThorn, Benjamin 16-Jan-2015
322009Clunk and Others: for one and two violinsThorn, Benjamin 16-Jan-2015
3320084th New England Bach FestivalThorn, Benjamin 2-Oct-2014
342008Malvina and other English songs: for massed recorders (2 Decants, Treble, Tenor, Bass)Thorn, Benjamin 23-Dec-2014
352008Oc Piece: for recorder quartet (descant, treble, 2 tenors) or for ocarina quartetThorn, Benjamin 16-Jan-2015
362008Glow-worm Dances: for recorders and guitars (2 descant, 2 treble, tenor, bass, great bass, contrabass), 4 guitars, optional harpsichordThorn, Benjamin 21-Jan-2015
372007Bell Play: for carillonThorn, Benjamin 14-Jan-2015

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Thorn, Benjamin
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