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12017The Public Policy Exception to the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in ThailandTontipiromya, Chittasuphang; Varayudej, Same ; Corbin, Lillian ; Quirico, Ottavio 8-Aug-2017
22016Company Directors' Obligations and Liabilities in Relation to Insolvent Trading in Thailand: A Comparative PerspectiveAroonratanakul, Pongsit; Varayudej, Same ; Corbin, Lillian ; Quirico, Ottavio 8-Aug-2017
32016IntroductionQuirico, Ottavio ; Boumghar, Mouloud22-Feb-2016
42016States, climate change and tripartite human rights: The missing linkQuirico, Ottavio ; Brohmer, Jurgen; Szabo, Marcel22-Feb-2016
52016Untying the Gordian Knot: Towards the human right to a climatically sustainable environment?Francioni, Francesco; Quirico, Ottavio 22-Feb-2016
62016All in all it was all just bricks in the wall: European legal systems, climate change and human rightsQuirico, Ottavio 22-Feb-2016
72016ConclusionQuirico, Ottavio ; Boumghar, Mouloud22-Feb-2016
82015Legal challenges to cyber security institutionsQuirico, Ottavio 6-May-2016
92014Primary Sovereign Rights or Secondary Environmental Duties? Critical International Law Issues Raised by the Extraterritorial Application of the EU Emission Trading System in the Aviation SectorQuirico, Ottavio 6-May-2015
102014A Human Rights-Based Approach to Climate Change? Insights from the Regulation of Intangible Cultural HeritageQuirico, Ottavio 6-May-2015
112014Droit « flou » , droit « doux » ou droit « mou » ? Brèves réflexions sur la « texture » des mesures conservatoires et des constatations dans les procédures individuelles devant le Comité des droits de l'hommeQuirico, Ottavio 1-Jun-2015
122014The International Responsibility of the European Union: A Basic Interpretive PatternQuirico, Ottavio 7-May-2014
132012Key Issues in the Relationship between the World Heritage Convention and Climate Change RegulationQuirico, Ottavio 16-Dec-2013
142012A Comparative Overview of European and Extra-European National Regulation of Private Military and Security ServicesQuirico, Ottavio 20-Dec-2013
152012Disentangling Climate Change Governance: A Legal PerspectiveQuirico, Ottavio 7-Aug-2013
162012The Merger of Corporate Social Responsibility into the EU Common Commercial PolicyQuirico, Ottavio 5-Mar-2014
172012Amidst Fragmentation and Coherence: A Systemic Interpretation of the World Heritage Convention and the UNFCCC RegimeQuirico, Ottavio 4-Apr-2014
182011General Principles of International Criminal Law and Their Relevance to AfricaQuirico, Ottavio 20-Dec-2013
192011Codes of Conduct for Private Military and Security Companies: The State of Self-regulation in the IndustryHoppe, Carsten; Quirico, Ottavio 14-Aug-2013
202011The Criminal Responsibility of Private Military and Security Company Personnel under International Humanitarian LawQuirico, Ottavio 6-Sep-2013
212010Ius Cogens: A puzzleQuirico, Ottavio 21-Nov-2013
222010Substantive and Procedural Issues Raised by the Accession of the EU to the ECHRQuirico, Ottavio 5-Mar-2014
232010The Evolving Notion of Persecution in the Law and Jurisprudence of International Crime TribunalsQuirico, Ottavio 5-Mar-2014
24-Sustainable Companies under Brazilian Regulation: A Substantive and Procedural OverviewVizziotti, Vinicius; Vendling, Eduardo; Vaz Ferreira, Luciano; Quirico, Ottavio 6-Aug-2013
25-Extra-territorial Application of the EU Emission Trading System: Critical Divergences between the EU and the USQuirico, Ottavio 21-Aug-2013
26-War Contexts: The Criminal Responsibility of Private Security PersonnelQuirico, Ottavio 21-Aug-2013
27-Codes of Conduct for Private Military and Security Companies: The State of Self-Regulation in the IndustryHoppe, Carsten; Quirico, Ottavio 21-Aug-2013
28-A Formal Prescriptive Approach to General Principles of (International) LawQuirico, Ottavio 21-Aug-2013
29-A Purely Formal Theory of Law - The Deontic NetworkQuirico, Ottavio 21-Aug-2013
30-National Regulatory Models for PMSCs and Implications for Future International RegulationQuirico, Ottavio 21-Aug-2013

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