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12018Morphology and morphometry of the caudate lobe of the liver in two populationsSagoo, Mandeep Gill; Aland, Rachel ; Gosden, Edward9-Jan-2018
22016Divided maxillary artery in relation to the lateral pterygoid muscleAland, Rachel ; Shaw, Vivien31-Mar-2016
32016Development and Validation of a Technique for Casting Anatomical Features and ToolmarksAland, Rachel ; Piper, Alan; Gosden, Edward17-Jan-2017
42016Seasonal Morphometry of the Vomeronasal Organ in the Marsupial Mouse, 'Antechinus subtropicus'Aland, Rachel ; Gosden, Edward; Bradley, Adrian J14-Feb-2017
52013Meridians under the skinShaw, Vivien; Aland, Rachel 14-Apr-2014
62012Quantitative Sex Identification of Hatchling Green Sea Turtles ('Chelonia mydas')Ikonomopoulou, Maria P; Aland, Rachel ; Ibrahim, Kamarrundi; Gosden, Edward; Whittier, Joan M2-May-2014
72012The course of the obturator artery following passage through the obturator foramen into the thighNavi, Ali; Turner, Eleanor Jane H; Aland, Rachel 2-May-2014

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Rachel Aland
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Aland, Rachel
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School of Rural Medicine
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