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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
20-Oct-2018Testing Emails: PhD Thesis 10 - Library approvedBarnes, Cameron ; Balnaves, Edmund 27-May-2019
20-Nov-2018Testing Emails: PhD Theis 9 - Library approvedBalnaves, Edmund ; Djunisijevic, Jovana; Barnes, Cameron 24-May-2019
3-Feb-2019Testing Emails: PhD Theis 8 - Library Archived and made live in RUNEBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F ; Brunyee, Crystal 23-May-2019
1-Mar-2018Testing Emails: PhD Theis 7 - Archived and made live in RUNEBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F 22-May-2019
2018Testing Emails: PhD Theis 6 - Library ArchivedBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David ; Edwards, Jane 20-May-2019
3-Jan-2019Testing Emails: PhD Theis 5 - Archived in RUNEBarnes, Cameron ; Webster, Hollie ; Brunyee, Crystal 20-May-2019
2019Testing Emails: PhD Theis 4 - Archive in RUNEBarnes, Cameron; Brunyee, Crystal ; Herridge, David 20-May-2019
2019Testing Emails: PhD Theis 3 - Approved by the LibraryBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David; Brunyee, Crystal8-May-2019
2019Testing Emails: PhD Theis 3 - Approved by the LibraryBrown, Allison L ; Barnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F 6-May-2019
3-May-2018Testing Emails: PhD Theis 2 - Library made liveBrown, Allison L ; Brunyee, Crystal ; Barnes, Cameron 3-May-2019
3-May-2019Testing Emails: PhD Theis Finalised by RUNE TeamBrown, Allison 3-May-2019
2017Improved performance of broilers by structural manipulation of feed: Evidence from gizzard development, nutrient digestibility, gut microflora and gene expressionKheravii, Sarbast K ; Choct, Mingan ; Swick, Robert ; Wu, Shubiao 13-Feb-2019
1996Tissue talk: accounting for bodily feelings through an analysis of massage and movementCarmont, Catherine13-Feb-2019
2018Reviving Revenant Remnants: Guiding Revegetation Using Metapopulation Modelling for Improving Connectivity in a Fragmented LandscapeFoster, Else; Reid, Nick ; Rader, Romina ; Drielsma, Michael 3-Jan-2019
2007A Study of Sadaq in Daniel 8:14, Its Relation to the "Cleanse" Semantic Field, and its Importance for Seventh-Day Adventism's Concept of Investigative JudgementLivingston, Eric Murray; Franzmann, Majella M19-Nov-2018
2016Quantifying daily methane production of beef cattle from multiple short-term measures using the GreenFeed systemVelazco, Jose Ignacio; Hegarty, Roger ; Cottle, David ; Li, Li 21-Aug-2018
2008Writing Home: The Lived Experience of Constructing Home in Older AgeOlohan, Christina Maria; Wilson, Annmaree ; Somerville, Margaret; Kottler, Jeffrey6-Aug-2018
2004An Investigation of Production Risk, Risk Preferences and Technical Efficiency: Evidence from a Rainfed Lowland Rice Environment in the PhilippinesVillano, Renato Andrin; Fleming, Euan ; Battese, George E; O'Donnell, Christopher John6-Aug-2018
2017Emotions in Filmtrailers: A Social Semiotic Analysis of Wordings, Intonation and MusicNoad, Betty J; Unsworth, Leonard ; Feez, Susan 28-Jul-2018
2017A CGE Analysis of Distributional and Welfare Effects of Australia's Carbon Emissions Reduction StrategiesTran, Trang Minh; Siriwardana, Mahinda; Meng, Xianming 26-Jun-2018
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1185