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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
-The space between - linking trust with individual and team performance in virtual teamsJaakson, Krista; Reino, Anne; McClenaghan, Peter 5-Mar-2019
25-Nov-1998Honeybees reduce fitness in the pioneer shrub Melastoma affine (Melastomataceae)Gross, C L ; Mackay, D 4-Mar-2019
Nov-2018Temporal variation in plant-pollinator networks from seasonal tropical environments: Higher specialization when resources are scarceSouza, Camila S; Maruyama, Pietro K; Aoki, Camila; Sigrist, Maria R; Raizer, Josue; Gross, Caroline L ; de Araujo, Andrea C1-Mar-2019
Dec-2018Payments for environmental services to strengthen ecosystem connectivity in an agricultural landscapeBateman, Laura; Yi, Dale; Cacho, Oscar J ; Stringer, Randy1-Mar-2019
Nov-2018Linking early alert systems and student retention: a survival analysis approachVillano, Renato ; Harrison, Scott ; Lynch, Grace ; Chen, George 26-Feb-2019
2008Integrating a virtual learning environment into a second-year accounting course: determinants of overall student perceptionWells, Paul; de Lange, Paul; Fieger, Peter 20-Feb-2019
-The Participatory Zeitgeist: an explanatory theoretical model of change in an era of coproduction and codesign in healthcare improvementPalmer, Victoria Jane; Weavell, Wayne; Callander, Rosemary; Piper, Donella ; Richard, Lauralie; Maher, Lynne; Boyd, Hilary; Herrman, Helen; Furler, John; Gunn, Jane; Iedema, Rick; Robert, Glenn14-Feb-2019
2018The impact of patient safety culture on handover in rural health facilitiesPiper, Donella ; Lea, Jackie; Woods, Cindy ; Parker, Vicki 14-Feb-2019
2018Providing Palliative Care at the End of Life: Should Health Professionals Fear Regulation?Willmott, Lindy; White, Ben; Piper, Donella ; Yates, Patsy; Mitchell, Geoffrey; Currow, David14-Feb-2019
2019Discovery of New Knowledge for an LMS at Jordanian UniversitiesAl Amoush, Abdeleh Bassam; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 10-Feb-2019
2018Do Municipal Mergers Improve Technical Efficiency? An Empirical Analysis of the 2008 Queensland Municipal Merger ProgramMcQuestin, Dana; Drew, Joseph ; Dollery, Brian 24-Jan-2019
2018Schooling returns for migrant workers in China: Estimations from the perspective of the institutional environment in a rural settingYao, Yao; Chen, George S; Salim, Ruhul; Yu, Xiaojun23-Jan-2019
2019‘Pull’ motivation: an activity-based typology of international visitors to New ZealandFieger, Peter ; Prayag, Girish; Bruwer, Johan23-Jan-2019
Aug-2018Sources of efficiency, productivity and output growth in Botswanan agricultureTemoso, Omphile; Hadley, David ; Villano, Renato 15-Jan-2019
2018Do governance mechanisms deter earnings management and promote corporate social responsibility?Suyono, Eko; Farooque, Omar Al 14-Jan-2019
2018Small populations of fig trees offer a keystone food resource and conservation benefits for declining insectivorous birdsMackay, Keith ; Gross, Caroline L ; Rossetto, M20-Aug-2018
2018Determinants of consumer willingness to pay for quality-graded Australian sheep meatTighe, Kara ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato ; Ball, Alex; Pethick, David W; Fleming, Euan 16-Aug-2018
2018The most advantageous partners for Australia to bilaterally link its emissions trading schemeNong, Duy; Siriwardana, Mahinda 7-Aug-2018
2018Can We Put Numbers on Municipal Performance and Sustainability? A New Strategic ParadigmCaldas, Paulo; Dollery, Brian E ; Marques, Rui Cunha7-Aug-2018
2004An Investigation of Production Risk, Risk Preferences and Technical Efficiency: Evidence from a Rainfed Lowland Rice Environment in the PhilippinesVillano, Renato Andrin; Fleming, Euan ; Battese, George E; O'Donnell, Christopher John6-Aug-2018
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 818

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