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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006The riverine ecosystem synthesis: biocomplexity in river networks across space and timeThorp, J H; Thoms, Martin ; Delong, M D29-Jun-2011
22009Ecosystem science: toward a new paradigm for managing Australia's inland aquatic ecosystemsLikens, G E; Walker, K F; Arthington, A; Thompson, R; Oliver, R L; Davies, P E; Brookes, J; Olley, J M; Young, W; Thoms, Martin ; Lake, P S; Gawne, B; Davis, J29-Jun-2011
32009The wetting and drying regime of a terminal flood plain-wetland system: implications for waterbird habitatRayburg, SC; Thoms, Martin 29-Jun-2011
42009The ecohydrology of stream networksHarris, Celeste; Thoms, Martin ; Scown, Murray29-Jun-2011
52009The character and behaviour of flood plain vegetation landscapesShilpakar, Rajendra; Thoms, Martin 29-Jun-2011
62009Mapping stream surface flow types by balloon: an inexpensive high resolution remote sensing solution to rapid assessment of stream habitat heterogeneity?Reid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin 29-Jun-2011
72009The potential effect of re-snagging on hydraulic habitatSouthwell, Mark ; Thoms, Martin ; Boys, Craig29-Jun-2011
82009Ecohydrology of Surface and Groundwater Dependent Systems: Concepts, Methods and Recent DevelopmentsThoms, Martin ; Heal, Kate; Bogh, Eva; Chambel, Antonio; Smakhtin, Vladimir29-Jun-2011
92001The 'Darwin Point' of Pacific Ocean atolls and guyots: a reappraisalFlood, Peter Gerard 25-Jun-2012
102008Evidence for catastrophic shifts in the trophic structure of flood-plain lakes associated with soil erosionReid, Michael 8-Jul-2011

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