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12013Transcriptomic profiling of the salt-stress response in the wild recretohalophyte 'Reaumuria trigyna'Dang, Zhen-hua; Zheng, Lin-lin; Wang, Jia; Gao, Zhe; Wu, Shubiao ; Qi, Zhi; Wang, Ying-chun24-Jul-2013
22009Global gene expression profiling of Angus cattle selected for low and high net feed intakeChen, Y; Gondro, Cedric ; Quinn, K; Vanselow, B; Parnell, P F; Herd, R M18-Mar-2010
32009Identification of Differentially Expressed Transcripts in M. 'Longissmus Dorsi' With Divergent Marbling Phenotypes in Hanwoo (Korean Native Cattle)Lee, Seung Hwan; Gondro, Cedric ; Kim, NK; Lim, DJ; Shin, YH; Thompson, John ; Gibson, John ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 22-Mar-2010
42009Summarization methods and quality problems in Affymetrix microarraysGondro, Cedric 22-Mar-2010
52005Analysis of Distinct Tartrate-resistant Acid Phosphatase Promoter Regions in Transgenic MicePan, W; Mathews, W; Donohue, JM; Ramnaraine, ML; Lynch, C; Selski, DJ; Walsh, N; Cassady, Alan ; Clohisy, DR15-Jul-2011
62010Do 5HTTLPR and Stress Interact in Risk for Depression and Suicidality? Item Response Analyses of a Large Sample:Coventry, William L ; James, Michael R; Eaves, Lindon J; Gordon, Scott D; Gillespie, Nathan A; Ryan, Leanne; Heath, Andrew C; Montgomery, Grant W; Martin, Nicholas G; Wray, Naomi R12-Apr-2010
72008Microarray analysis of acaricide-inducible gene expression in the southern cattle tick, 'Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus'Saldivar, L; Guerrero, F D; Miller, R J; Bendele, K G; Gondro, Cedric ; Brayton, K A5-Nov-2009
82009Mutations in Genes Encoding Sorting Nexins Alter Production of Intracellular and Extracellular Proteases in 'Aspergillus nidulans'Katz, Margaret E ; Evans, Cara J; Heagney, Emma E; vanKuyk, Patricia A; Kelly, Joan M; Cheetham, Brian F 13-Apr-2010
92009Genome-wide association for major depressive disorder: a possible role for the presynaptic protein piccoloSullivan, PF; de Geus, EJC; Coventry, William L ; Domschke, K; Farmer, A; Fava, M; Gordon, SD; He, Q; Heath, AC; Heutink, P; Holsboer, F; Hoogendijk, WJ; Willemsen, G; Hottenga, JJ; Hu, Y; Kohli, Y; Lin, D; Lucae, S; MacIntyre, DJ; Maier, W; McGhee, KA; McGuffin, P; Montgomery, GW; James, MR; Muir, WJ; Nolen, WA; Nothen, MM; Perlis, RH; Pirlo, K; Posthuma, D; Rietschel, M; Rizzu, P; Schosser, A; Smit, AB; Smit, JH; Smoller, JW; Tzeng, J-Y; van Dyck, R; Verhage, M; Zitman, FG; Martin, NG; Wray, NR; Boomsma, DI; Penninx, BWJH; Zandbelt, T; Arolt, V; Baune, BT; Blackwood, D; Cichon, S20-Nov-2009
102009Accurate, Large-Scale Genotyping of 5HTTLPR and Flanking Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in an Association Study of Depression, Anxiety, and Personality MeasuresWray, Naomi R; James, Michael R; Montgomery, Grant W; Martin, Nicholas G; Gordon, Scott D; Dumenil, Troy; Ryan, Leanne; Coventry, William L ; Statham, Dixie J; Pergadia, Michele L; Madden, Pamela AF; Heath, Andrew C20-Nov-2009