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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Developing a Comparative Perspective on the Impact on the Academic Profession of Teaching InternationallySoliman, IE26-Sep-2008
22005Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies - An issue treating particularly of issues of custom, heritage and identity for today's AustraliansRyan, John S ; Smith, Robert James26-Jun-2012
32004Difficulties in Reading Comprehension for Students with Learning DisabilitiesGraham, Lorraine; Bellert, Anne27-Oct-2009
42008Beginning Teachers Employed On A Casual Basis: Their Lived Experiences And Strategies To CopeKivunja, Charles ; Boyd, Jillian; Reitano, Paul ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Jones, Marguerite A29-Jun-2012
52004Probing scientists' beliefs: How open-minded are modern scientists?Coll, Richard K; Taylor, N 2-May-2008
62005Post-Conflict Higher Education Challenges in Timor LesteBoughton, Robert George 12-Jul-2011
72016Cultural ecology and isomorphism applied to educational planning in China's Inner Mongolia: A new rubricDenman, Brian ; James, Rosalind 22-Feb-2016
82004Strategies for enhancing the learning of ecological research methods and statistics by tertiary environmental science studentsPanizzon, DL ; Boulton, AJ 12-Nov-2008
92009The Neuropsychological Characteristics of Academic and Creative GiftednessGeake, John 1-Apr-2010
102004Re-Imagining Comparative Education: Postfoundational Ideas and Applications for Critical TimesNinnes, Peter Martin; Mehta, S16-Jul-2012

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