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12005Shen ceng su shi zhu yi [Deep Vegetarianism]Fox, Michael Allen 23-Mar-2010
22007Sustainable Weed Management in Organic Herb & Vegetable ProductionKristiansen, Paul ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Jessop, Robin Stephen 26-Oct-2009
32011Stories from Sandakan: 2/18th Battalion A.I.FSmith, Kevin Robert8-Aug-2013
42014Being With: Essays in Poetics, Ecology, and the SensesRyan, John C 4-Jun-2017
52011Castle To Colony: The Remarkable Life and Times of Lucy Sarah Gray (1840-1879)Vivers, Margaret Ina 27-Jun-2012
62006Trade Protection in the Rice Industry: Implications of Tariffs on Rice Imports in Timor Leste (East Timor)Adelino, Pimentel Do Rego; Siriwardana, Mahinda 22-Oct-2009
72016Intersex: Stories and Statistics from AustraliaJones, Tiffany ; Hart, Bonnie; Carpenter, Morgan; Ansara, Gavi; Leonard, William; Lucke, Jayne9-Feb-2016
82005Merebut Hati Audiens Internasional [Winning International Audience]: Strategi Ampuh Meraih Publikasi di Jurnal Ilmiah [Effective Strategies in Gaining Publication in Scientific Journals]Adnan, Z ; Zifirdaus, I29-Sep-2008
92014Mothers who murder: and infamous miscarriages of justiceMallett, Xanthe 14-Oct-2014
102009The New Scientific Eyewitness: The Role of DNA Profiling in Shaping Criminal JusticeWise, Jenny 29-Mar-2010
112007Measuring Complexity in Early Bronze Age Greece: The Pig as a Proxy Indicator of Socio-Economic StructuresFillios, Melanie 6-Jun-2017
122005Current Publishing Practice: An Australian ReportFisher, Jeremy 2-Jul-2012
132016Australian native beesDollin, Anne; Hogendoorn, Katja; Lloyd-Prichard, Danielle; Heard, Tim; Cunningham, Saul; Rader, Romina ; Saunders, Manu ; Latty, Tanya; Threlfall, Caragh; Smith, Tobias J; Halcroft, Megan7-Jun-2017
142009Tolkien's View: Windows into his WorldRyan, John Sprott 30-Mar-2010
152009The Ghost at the WeddingWalker, Shirley31-Mar-2010
162012Past, present and future landscapes: Understanding alternative futures for climate change adaptation of coastal settlements and communitiesMorley, Philip ; Trammell, Jamie ; Reeve, Ian ; McNeill, Judith ; Brunckhorst, David J ; Bassett, Scott26-Aug-2013
172006Creating a legal framework for copyright management of open access within the Australian academic and research sectorFitzgerald, Brian; Fitzgerald, Anne; Perry, Mark ; Kiel-Chisholm, Scott; Driscoll, Erin; Thampapillai, Dilan; Coates, Jessica28-Aug-2013
182016Stepping Up to the Plate: America, and Australian DemocracyMaddox, W Graham30-May-2017
192004The Economic Impact of Weeds in Australia: Report to the CRC for Australian Weed ManagementSinden, JA ; Jones, R; Hester, S ; Odom, D; Kalisch, C; James, R; Cacho, OJ 24-Sep-2008
202014Digital Arts: An Introduction to New MediaHope, Cat; Ryan, John C 30-May-2017
212006E-literature for Children: Enhancing Digital Literacy LearningUnsworth, L 24-Sep-2008
222006Why We Read and How Reading Transforms Us: The Psychology of Engagement With TextSchutte, N ; Malouff, JM 24-Sep-2008
232005Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management: Renegotiating the CommonsMarshall, GR 24-Sep-2008
242014Basil of Caesarea. 'Questions of the Brothers: Syriac Text and English Translation'Silvas, Anna M 27-Sep-2014
252004Valuing Recognition of Prior Learning: Selected Case Studies of Australian Private Providers of TrainingSmith, L 25-Sep-2008
261996Robert Louis Stevenson and the Appearance of Modernism: A Future FeelingSandison, Alan George18-Mar-2010
272014Landscapes of Violence: Women Surviving Family Violence in Regional and Rural VictoriaGeorge, Amanda; Harris, Bridget 28-Jan-2016
282015Animal Bones in Australian Archaeology: A field guide to common native and introduced speciesFillios, Melanie ; Blake, Natalie29-Jan-2016
292008Seismic Rehabilitation of RC Beam-Column Joints using FRPs: An Experimental, Analytical and Numerical Investigation into the Use of Advanced FRP Materials in the Joints of Concrete StructuresMahini, Seyed Saeed30-Sep-2014
302015Bird Minds: Cognition and Behaviour of Australian Native BirdsKaplan, Gisela 29-Jan-2016
312015Hegemony and Language Policies in Southern Africa: Identity, Integration, DevelopmentNdhlovu, Finex 2-Feb-2016
322016Exploring Literacies: Theory, Research and Practicede Silva Joyce, Helen; Feez, Susan 2-Feb-2016
332013Unbraided Lines: Essays in Environmental Thinking and WritingRyan, John C 1-Jun-2017
342002Convicts of the Eleanor: Protest in Rural England, New Lives in AustraliaKent, David ; Townsend, Norma Florence29-Apr-2009
352002The Ancient Greeks in their own WordsDillon, Matthew Paul 29-Apr-2009
362007The Diary of Phar LapBaker, Robert John29-Apr-2009
372003The Last Farewell: Devon convicts transported to Australia, 1782-1821Walton, John29-Apr-2009
382007La Langue Secrète de Jean Cocteau: La Mythologie Personnelle Du Poete Et L'Histoire Cachee Des Enfants TerriblesHatte, Jennifer 29-Apr-2009
392005Strictly Ballroom: A Film for Our TimeRattigan, Neil29-Apr-2009
402002Employment Law in PrinciplePrice, Rohan Bruce E.29-Apr-2009
412007The Law of Torts in AustraliaTrindade, F; Cane, P; Lunney, Mark 29-Apr-2009
422002Visions from the Past: The archaeology of Australian Aboriginal artMorwood, Michael John 29-Apr-2009
432007Early Modern English Lives: Autobiography and Self-Representation 1500-1660Bedford, Ronald David; Davis, L; Kelly, P29-Apr-2009
442007George Randall - Emigration Officer Extraordinaire: A BiographyWalton, Jack29-Apr-2009
452017Keep the Presses Running: the Australian printing industry in the twentieth centuryThorn, Benjamin 6-Jul-2017
462002Historical Dictionary of Ancient Greek WarfareSpence, Iain29-Apr-2009
472003Incommensurability and Commensuration: The Common DenominatorD'Agostino, Fred29-Apr-2009
482002The Girls Guide to Real Estate: How to Enjoy Investing in PropertyBrady, T; Brien, Donna Lee29-Apr-2009
492004A Spirit of true learning: The Jubilee History of the University of New EnglandJordan, Matthew Brian29-Apr-2009
502004Focke-Wulf Fw 190 in North AfricaArthy, Andrew; Jessen, M29-Apr-2009
Results 1-50 of 481 (Search time: 0.051 seconds).