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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Public Administration in Bangladesh: Political and Bureaucratic DimensionsZafarullah, HM 21-Apr-2008
22012Answering your significant research questions with the aid of a research matrixMaxwell, Thomas W ; Smyth, Robyn 19-Jun-2012
32016Introduction to Nursing and Midwifery ResearchUsher, Kim ; Mills, Jane30-May-2017
42014Socialization and MentoringMadison, Jeanne 1-Jun-2017
52016Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Enhancement TechniquesHerridge, David 16-Jun-2017
62006Imaging spectrometry and vegetation scienceKumar, Lalit ; Schmidt, KS; Dury, S; Skidmore, AK19-Jul-2012
72017Tani LanguagesPost, Mark ; Sun, Jackson Tian-Shin4-Jul-2017
82017The Tibeto-Burman Languages of Northeast IndiaPost, Mark ; Burling, Robbins4-Jul-2017
92012Case Study 13-1: A Woman With Depressed MoodStuhlmiller, Cynthia 28-Nov-2014
102012Case Study 18-1: Comprehensive Assessment of a Patient With Antisocial Personality DisorderStuhlmiller, Cynthia 28-Nov-2014
112004Labour, Industry and the State in Industrialising Asia: An OverviewKaur, Amarjit 27-Oct-2009
122004The Global Factory: Cross-Border Production Networks and Women Workers in AsiaKaur, Amarjit 26-Oct-2009
132016Reading and Appraising ResearchHutchinson, Marie; East, Leah 4-Jun-2017
142005The significance of environmental and socio-economic issues in research management planningKaur, Amarjit 27-Oct-2009
152016Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderWootton, Bethany; Tolin, David F6-Jun-2017
162016Exposure Therapy for Anxiety DisordersSteinman, S A; Wootton, Bethany; Tolin, D F6-Jun-2017
172016Reflective practice for the graduateUsher, Kim ; Foster, Kim6-May-2016
182008Seeking patterns in the forensic analysis of handwriting and speechLeedham, Graham ; Pervouchine, Vladimir; Haishan, Zhong12-May-2010
192008Working with Other DisciplinesStuhlmiller, Cynthia 28-Jan-2015
202008Diversity and Educational EnvironmentsAshman, Adrian; Merrotsy, Peter27-Nov-2009
212013How close is one language to another?van Driem, George28-Jan-2015
222014Nursing Care of People with Haematological DisordersRyan, Liz ; Sanderson, Helena27-May-2016
232014The Mental Health of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PeopleWest, Roianne; Usher, Kim 12-Jan-2015
241997Legislation and Legal IssuesEburn, Michael E17-May-2010
252006Implementing Evidence-Based PracticeCampbell, Steve ; Hancock, Helen; Lloyd, Hilary1-Jun-2010
262008Malthus, Thomas Robert (1766–1834)Pullen, John Michael 8-Jun-2010
272013The human body: a nutrition perspectiveKing, Nicola 22-Oct-2012
282015Trespass to landLunney, Mark 19-Dec-2017
292015PlanningIngham-Broomfield, Becky 25-Feb-2015
302009ServiceColbran, Stephen; Reinhardt, Greg; Spender, Peta; Jackson, Sheryl; Douglas, Roger; Townes O'Brien, Molly2-Feb-2010
312016Experts, Lay People and ForensicsWise, Jenny 24-Mar-2017
322012Learners and environmentsAshman, Adrian; Merrotsy, Peter5-Mar-2012
332010Pidgins and CreolesSiegel, Jeff 5-Mar-2012
342009AffidavitsColbran, Stephen; Reinhardt, Greg; Spender, Peta; Jackson, Sheryl; Douglas, Roger; Townes O'Brien, Molly2-Feb-2010
352009Appeal and New TrialColbran, Stephen; Reinhardt, Greg; Spender, Peta; Jackson, Sheryl; Douglas, Roger; Townes O'Brien, Molly2-Feb-2010
362009Language Contact and Second Language AcquisitionSiegel, Jeff 29-Feb-2012
372009Tinnitus and HyperacusisTyler, Richard S; Noble, William G ; Coelho, Claudia; Haskell, George; Bardia, Aditya1-Feb-2010
382009Children's LearningLittledyke, Rosalind 31-Aug-2010
392014Research in nursing: concepts and processesDaly, John; Elliot, Doug; Chang, Esther; Usher, Kim 30-Apr-2015
402016Imaging family memories: My Mum, her photographs, our memoriesWilton, Janis 14-Dec-2016
412017Rural and Remote PracticeDarracott, Ros; Lonne, Bob 5-Feb-2018
422007Communication: The nurse-client relationshipStuhlmiller, Cynthia 25-Mar-2012
432012PlanningIngham-Broomfield, Becky 19-May-2014
442013Social Class and Australian SchoolingMcQueen, Kelvin 17-Aug-2015
452008Our Bilingual Heritage: The Context of Official Languages PolicyTurner, Linda 25-Mar-2012
462012Inequalities of crimePereira, Margaret A; Scott, John 21-Mar-2012
472012Documenting and ReportingParmenter, Glenda 15-Mar-2012
482012Experts, lay people and forensicsWise, Jenny 21-Mar-2012
492012United StatesLee, Karen 1-May-2013
502012Implementing and EvaluatingPaliadelis, Penelope S 15-Mar-2012
Results 1-50 of 102 (Search time: 0.041 seconds).