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12016Exposure Therapy for Anxiety DisordersSteinman, S A; Wootton, Bethany; Tolin, D F6-Jun-2017
22010How Teacher Policy Shaped Teacher Education in Korea: A Comparison with Australia for Selected IssuesAuh, Myung-Sook ; Pegg, John E 30-Mar-2010
32006Masters of the Hovering Life: 'Robert Musil and R. L.Stevenson'Sandison, Alan George30-Mar-2010
42017Welfare issues affecting free-range laying hensCampbell, Dana ; Lambton, Sarah L; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Weeks, Claire A7-Jun-2017
52016Stories of Constancy and Change: A Narrative OdysseyClark, Jane R ; Hadfield, Robert 19-Feb-2016
62011Der Schutz der Kulturgüter der australischen UreinwohnerBrohmer, Jurgen ; Greaney, Jennifer 9-Jul-2012
72014The arrival and impacts of the dingoLetnic, Mike; Fillios, Melanie ; Crowther, Mathew S19-Feb-2016
82009Truth, Lies and Time-Travel: Jean Cocteau in the 'Impromptu' TraditionHatte, Jennifer 30-Mar-2010
92010Archaeological Evidence for Achaemenid Settlement within the Mamasani Valleys, Western Fars, IranAsgari Chaverdi, Alireza; Khosrowzadeh, Alireza; McCall, Bernadette; Petrie, Cameron A; Potts, D T; Roustaei, Kourosh; Weeks, Lloyd ; Zaidi, Mohsen21-Oct-2014
102016Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderWootton, Bethany; Tolin, David F6-Jun-2017
112004Economic Globalisation, Trade Liberalisation and Labour-Intensive Export Manufactures: An Asian PerspectiveKaur, Amarjit 28-Oct-2009
122016Metaphor in Counsellor Training: Using Myth, Narrative and the Hero's Journey to Facilitate Reflection, Insight and TransformationMerritt, Frankie ; Clark, Jane R 19-Feb-2016
132015Questioning the Cultural Industry of the Self: Fiction, Selfhood and Individualism in Patrick White's 'The Vivisector'Harris, Stephen 19-Feb-2016
142012'He Lacks Almost All the Qualities of the Novelist': G.M. Glaskin and His Australian ContemporariesFisher, Jeremy 9-Jul-2012
152009Pronunciation as Categorisation: The Role of Contrast in Teaching English /R/ and /L/¹Fraser, Helen Beatrice 30-Mar-2010
162006Bond and Phenomenology: Shaken, Not StirredGibson, S 30-Sep-2008
172016Two-pronged right to development and climate change: Reciprocal implicationsVarayudej, Same 22-Feb-2016
182011The Statue of Zeus at Olympia and the 'Polis' of the EleansBourke, Graeme Francis 9-Jul-2012
192005Orwell's Political VisionArcher, JR30-Sep-2008
202011Journalism and LiteratureHarris, Stephen 9-Jul-2012
212015Communion with God: Marriage as Metaphor in the Old TestamentSilvas, Anna M 22-Feb-2016
222015God and Communion: Marriage as Sacrament in the New TestamentSilvas, Anna M 22-Feb-2016
232016IntroductionQuirico, Ottavio ; Boumghar, Mouloud22-Feb-2016
242016States, climate change and tripartite human rights: The missing linkQuirico, Ottavio ; Brohmer, Jurgen; Szabo, Marcel22-Feb-2016
252016Untying the Gordian Knot: Towards the human right to a climatically sustainable environment?Francioni, Francesco; Quirico, Ottavio 22-Feb-2016
262016All in all it was all just bricks in the wall: European legal systems, climate change and human rightsQuirico, Ottavio 22-Feb-2016
272005Australian Commonwealth Domestic Environmental Legislation: Annex BTsamenyi, M; Kaye, S; Rose, G; Snushall, B; Moore, C ; Mfodwo, K; Munoz, L30-Sep-2008
282016ConclusionQuirico, Ottavio ; Boumghar, Mouloud22-Feb-2016
292016Systemic integration between climate change and human rights at the United Nations?Aktypis, Spyridon; Decaux, Emmanuel; Leroy, Bronwen 22-Feb-2016
302005International Legal Framework: Annex ATsamenyi, M; Kaye, S; Rose, G; Snushall, B; Moore, C ; Mfodwo, K; Munoz, L30-Sep-2008
312010Australia's Traditional Maritime Security Concerns and Post-9/11 PerspectivesMoore, Cameron ; Rothwell, Donald R30-Mar-2010
322010Act of State Doctrine in the Antipodes: The Intersection of National and International Law in Naval Constabulary OperationsMoore, Cameron 30-Mar-2010
332017French-texted Songs at the Council of Constance: Influences, Paths of Transmission, and TrendsStoessel, Jason 8-Jun-2017
342009'The rude rudiments of satire': Barry Humphries' humourPender, Anne 30-Mar-2010
352009Using cartoons as historical evidenceScully, Richard ; Quartly, Marian30-Mar-2010
362015Soil: A Journey Through Time and SpaceQuinton, John N; Mataix-Solera, Jorge; Brevik, Eric C; Cerda, Artemi; Pereg, Lily ; Six, Johan; van Oost, Kristof24-Feb-2016
372011In Search of the Latin Translator of Gregory of Nyssa's Letter to the Monk PhilipSilvas, Anna M 10-Jul-2012
382009Bibliographic Note and Further ReadingScully, Richard 31-Mar-2010
392009The influence of economic theories of government failure on public management reformDollery, Brian E 31-Mar-2010
402012Creating next generation rural landscape governance: the challenge for environmental law scholarshipMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Kennedy, Amanda L 10-Jul-2012
412009Music and Moral Philosophy in Early Fifteenth-Century PaduaStoessel, Jason 31-Mar-2010
422015The Importance of Mobile-Assisted Learning: Developing a Motivational PerspectivePhan, Huy ; Alrashidi, Oqab; Ngu, Bing 24-Feb-2016
432012Introduction: the scholarship of environmental governanceMartin, Paul ; Zhiping, Li; Tianbao, Qin; Du Plessis, Anel; Le Bouthhillier, Yves; Williams, Angela10-Jul-2012
442013'Till Death Do Us Part'?: Family Life in Byzantine MonasteriesGarland, Lynda26-Aug-2013
452017Transplant Experiments - a Powerful Method to Study Climate Change ImpactsNooten, Sabine; Andrew, Nigel R 8-Jun-2017
462003Semihypnotic Visualization: Treating Internalized Homophobia in Sexual and Gender MinoritiesBowers, Randolph27-Aug-2013
472004MimicryKaplan, Gisela 29-Oct-2009
482005Exploring the Usefulness of Broadband Videoconferencing for Student-Centred Distance Learning in Tertiary ScienceSmyth, Robyn 29-Oct-2009
492004Schoenberg's Rilke Settings and the Fragmentation of WarShaw, Jennifer 31-Mar-2010
502009Education for Sustainability in primary science educationLittledyke, Michael ; Taylor, Neil 31-Mar-2010
Results 1-50 of 2773 (Search time: 0.157 seconds).