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12003The Role of Tourism in the Economic Transformation of the Central West Queensland EconomySorensen, Anthony ; Epps, William R21-Apr-2008
22017Paul Klee (1879-1940) as a tragic figure: What the artist learned from his illnessAlbury, W Randall ; Weisz, George M 30-May-2017
32011Radiological characterization and water equivalency of genipin gel for x-ray and electron beam dosimetryGorjiara, Tina; Hill, Robin; Kuncic, Zdenka; Bosi, Stephen Giuseppe ; Davies, Justin Bryan; Baldock, Clive24-Jul-2013
42011Effect of sulphur and calcium nitrate on methane production by goats fed a basal diet of molasses supplemented with Mimosa ('Mimosa pigra') foliageSilivong, Phonevilay; Preston, TR; Leng, Ronald28-Jun-2011
52016A Case for Flexible Intellectual Property Protection in Developing Countries: Brief Lessons from History, Psychology and EconomicsElmahjub, Ez 20-Jan-2016
62009Vigilance and its complex synchrony in the red-necked pademelon, 'Thylogale thetis'Pays, Olivier; Dubot, Anne-Laure; Jarman, Peter; Loisel, Patrice; Goldizen, Anne W28-Jun-2011
72004Fibre evanescent field absorption (FEFA): an optical fibre technique for measuring light absorption in turbid water samplesLamb, D ; Bunganaen, Y; Louis, J; Woolsey, GA; Oliver, R; White, G2-May-2008
82011Investigation of radiological properties and water equivalency of PRESAGE® dosimetersGorjiara, Tina; Hill, Robin; Kuncic, Zdenka; Adamovics, John; Bosi, Stephen Giuseppe ; Kim, Jung-Ha; Baldock, Clive24-Jul-2013
92013Offsetting methane emissions - An alternative to emission equivalence metricsLauder, A R; Enting, I G; Carter, J O; Clisby, N; Cowie, Annette ; Henry, B K; Raupach, M R24-Jul-2013
102015Post-Disaster Local Infrastructure Reconstruction Finance: A Comparative Analysis of Policy Intervention in the Japanese Earthquake and Queensland Flood DisastersValle de Souza, Simone ; Kinoshita, Yukio; Dollery, Brian E 20-Jan-2016
112009Vigilance in a solitary marsupial, the common wombat ('Vombatus ursinus')Favreau, Francois-Rene; Jarman, Peter; Goldizen, Anne W; Dubot, Anne-Laure; Sourice, Stephane; Pays, Olivier28-Jun-2011
122014Analysing banks' intermediation and operational performance using the Hicks-Moorsteen TFP index: The case of IranArjomandi, Amir; Valadkhani, Abbas ; O'Brien, Martin24-Jul-2013
132008Does sex affect both individual and collective vigilance in social mammalian herbivores: the case of the eastern grey kangaroo?Pays, Olivier; Jarman, Peter28-Jun-2011
142013Planning for whole-farm systems research at a credible scale: subdividing land into farmlets with equivalent initial conditionsScott, Jim M ; Munro, M; Rollings, N; Browne, W; Vickery, P J; MacGregor, Catherine ; Donald, Graham; Sutherland, H24-Jul-2013
152003Some Examples of Homotopy ∏-AlgebrasPercy, Andrew24-Jul-2013
162002Creativity in Therapy: Being Struck by Lightning and Guided by ThunderstormsKottler, Jeffrey; Hecker, Lorna L24-Jul-2013
172008Avoiding Costly Conservation Mistakes: The Importance of Defining Actions and Costs in Spatial Priority SettingCarwardine, Josie; Wilson, Kerrie A; Watts, Matthew; Etter, Andres; Klein, Carissa J; Possingham, Hugh P30-May-2017
182013Transcriptomic profiling of the salt-stress response in the wild recretohalophyte 'Reaumuria trigyna'Dang, Zhen-hua; Zheng, Lin-lin; Wang, Jia; Gao, Zhe; Wu, Shubiao ; Qi, Zhi; Wang, Ying-chun24-Jul-2013
192013Developing an empirical model of canopy water flux describing the common response of transpiration to solar radiation and VPD across five contrasting woodlands and forestsWhitley, Rhys; Taylor, Daniel; Macinnis-Ng, Catriona; Zeppel, Melanie; Yunusa, Isa ; O'Grady, Anthony; Froend, Ray; Medlyn, Belinda; Eamus, Derek24-Jul-2013
202011Cattle temperament: Persistence of assessments and associations with productivity, efficiency, carcass and meat quality traitsCafe, Linda ; Robinson, Dorothy L ; Ferguson, Drewe ; McIntyre, Brooke Louise; Geesink, Geert ; Greenwood, Paul28-Jun-2011
212002Effectiveness of protected areas in north-eastern New South Wales: recent trends in six measuresPressey, R L; Whish, G L; Barrett, Thomas ; Watts, Matthew30-May-2017
222009Hinged bis-porphyrin scaffolds I: The synthesis of a new porphyrin diene and its role in constructing hinged porphyrin dyads and cavity systemsTang, Hesheng; Dong, Zemin; Merican, Zul; Margetic, Davor; Marinic, Zaljko; Gunter, Maxwell J; Officer, David; Butler, Douglas; Warrener, Ronald28-Jun-2011
232002Dyspnoea worsened by salmeterolFraser, John 24-Jul-2013
242001On a semilinear Robin problem involving critical Sobolev exponentCao, Daomin; Nossair, Ezzat S; Yan, Shusen 25-Jul-2013
252015The Influence of Social Support on Psychological Distress in Older Persons: An Examination of Interaction Processes in AustraliaSharpley, Christopher ; Hussain, Rafat ; Wark, Stuart ; McEvoy, Mark ; Attia, John21-Jan-2016
262011Beef cattle selected for increased muscularity have a reduced muscle response and increased adipose tissue response to adrenalineMcGilchrist, P; Pethick, David W; Bonny, SPF; Greenwood, Paul; Gardner, Graham E28-Jun-2011
272007Prey synchronize their vigilant behaviour with other group membersPays, O; Renaud, PC; Loisel, P; Petit, M; Gerard, J-F; Jarman, Peter28-Jun-2011
282007Diversity in Creation: Identity, Race, Sexuality and Indigenous CreativityBowers, Randolph18-Mar-2010
292013A General Microeconomic Foundation for Demand DeficiencyMeng, Xianming 25-Jul-2013
302008The benefits of computer-mediated communication in nursing researchEast, Leah ; Jackson, Debra ; O'Brien, Louise; Peters, Kathleen30-May-2017
312011Chronic exposure to anabolic steroids induces the muscle expression of oxytocin and a more than fifty fold increase in circulating oxytocin in cattleDe Jager, Nadia; Hudson, Nicholas J; Reverter, Antonio; Wang, Yong-Hong; Nagaraj, Shivashankar H; Cafe, Linda ; Greenwood, Paul; Barnard, Ross T; Kongsuwan, Kritaya P; Dalrymple, Brian P28-Jun-2011
322007Coordination, independence or synchronization of individual vigilance in the eastern grey kangaroo?Pays, O; Jarman, Peter; Loisel, P; Gerard, J-F28-Jun-2011
332005Understanding the New Context of the Male Sex Work IndustryScott, J ; Minichiello, V ; Marino, R; Harvey, GP; Jamieson, M; Browne, JL2-May-2008
342001Symmetric solutions for a Neumann problem involving critical exponentCao, Daomin; Noussair, E S; Yan, Shusen 25-Jul-2013
352013Using Narrative Therapy to Treat Eating Disorder Not Otherwise SpecifiedScott, Ned; Hanstock, Tanya; Patterson-Kane, Lisa25-Jul-2013
362009The potential of cassava products in diets for poultryChauynarong, Navaporn ; Elangovan, A V; Iji, Paul 29-Jun-2011
372009Isolation and characterization of water-soluble prebiotic compounds from Australian and New Zealand plantsVidanarachchi, Janak K; Iji, Paul ; Mikkelsen, Lene Lind ; Sims, I; Choct, Mingan 29-Jun-2011
382002Biological and Linguistic Diversity in Bhutan: The Search for ConnectionsAndreoni, Francesca; Andreoni, Helen; Dorji, Tshering; Gyaltshen, Norbu; Gyemtgsho, Rinchen; Kupczyk-Romanczuk, Glenda; Namgyel, Singye; Thukten, Thukten; Tshering, Sonam25-Jul-2013
392006The riverine ecosystem synthesis: biocomplexity in river networks across space and timeThorp, J H; Thoms, Martin ; Delong, M D29-Jun-2011
402013Are there Monthly Variations in Water Quality in the Amman, Zarqa and Balqa Regions, Jordan?Alqadi, Khaled A; Kumar, Lalit 26-Jul-2013
412009Dietary modulation of gut microflora in broiler chickens: a review of the role of six kinds of alternatives to in-feed antibioticsYang, Ying; Iji, Paul ; Choct, Mingan 29-Jun-2011
421997Child abuse in rural Australia: Explanations and implicationsLonne, Bob ; Theunissen, Chris; Clapton, Sue30-May-2017
432013Emotions in Teachers' Talk: A Case Study in Rural and Regional New South Wales, AustraliaHardy, Joy 25-Jul-2013
442016Earliest hominin occupation of Sulawesi, Indonesiavan den Bergh, Gerrit D; Li, Bo; Suyono,; Storey, Michael; Setiabudi, Erick; Morwood, Michael J ; Brumm, Adam; Grun, Rainer; Yurnaldi, Dida; Moore, Mark ; Kurniawan, Iwan; Setiawan, Ruly; Aziz, Fachroel; Roberts, Richard G22-Jan-2016
452013Landscape of ecological research in Australia: A bibliometric analysis of trends in research output and hotspots of research from 1991 to 2010Kumar, Lalit ; Khormi, Hassan 26-Jul-2013
462007Disrupted relationships: Adult daughters and father absenceEast, Leah ; Jackson, Debra ; O'Brien, Louise30-May-2017
472009Ecosystem science: toward a new paradigm for managing Australia's inland aquatic ecosystemsLikens, G E; Walker, K F; Arthington, A; Thompson, R; Oliver, R L; Davies, P E; Brookes, J; Olley, J M; Young, W; Thoms, Martin ; Lake, P S; Gawne, B; Davis, J29-Jun-2011
482013Using remote sensing technology to detect, model and map desertification: A reviewAlbalawi, Eman Khalid; Kumar, Lalit 26-Jul-2013
492014Uncovering and Identifying the Missing Voices in Suicide BereavementMaple, Myfanwy ; Cerel, Julie; Jordan, John R; McKay, Kathryn 27-Sep-2014
502016Does Size Still Matter? An Empirical Analysis of the Effectiveness of Victorian Local AuthoritiesDrew, Joseph ; Dollery, Brian E 22-Jan-2016
Results 1-50 of 11760 (Search time: 0.05 seconds).