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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Louise Hanson-Dyer's commonplace book of early music theoryStoessel, Jason 27-Jan-2016
22012MLTAV Languages Networking Evening: AFMLTA lead language teacher standardsMorgan, Anne-Marie 29-Jul-2013
32009Hymns of the Church: "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel"Knijff, Jan-Piet30-Jun-2011
42009Hymns of the Church: "Creating God, Your Fingers Trace" - Evangelical Lutheran Worship # 684Knijff, Jan-Piet30-Jun-2011
52008Hymns of the Church: "Sing Praise to God, the Highest Good"Knijff, Jan-Piet30-Jun-2011
62008Hymns of the Church: "Father, We Thank Thee (You)"Knijff, Jan-Piet30-Jun-2011
72001ContractionsJames, Wendy3-Oct-2014
82012Where did I lose you? Accessing the literacy demands of assessmentKaesehagen, Colleen; Klenowski, Val; Funnell, Robert; Tobias, Stephen 3-Oct-2014
92007Performing Bach's Mass in B Minor: Some Notes by Heinrich SchenkerKnijff, Jan-Piet30-Jun-2011
102009Framing the framework: discourses in Australia's national values education policyJones, Tiffany 25-Jun-2012
112005Staan de beste Pachelbel-orgels in Amerika? Taylor & Boody restaureerden het Tannenberg-orgel in Winston-SalemKnijff, Jan-Piet4-Jul-2011
1220052005 Eldershaw Memorial Lecture: Tasmania and the Multiplicity of NationsAtkinson, AT 2-May-2008
131997London, EnglandJames, Wendy9-Oct-2014
142016Rethinking Botanical Nativism: Oral History, Plant-based Cultural Heritage and the Indigenous-Exotic BinaryRyan, John C 4-Jun-2017
152016Editorial: Technological challenges and opportunities: the future of lawSimpson, Brian H ; Murphy, Maria10-Feb-2016
162013amati e saliaAndreoni, Giovanni8-Feb-2016
172004The Poofter's DogFisher, Jeremy 27-Jun-2012
182009The New England Award:: Recognising students' personal and professional development through extra-curricular activityMuldoon, Robyn 29-Mar-2010
191992Self-Defence and the Classification of DefencesWright, Frances19-Aug-2013
202005Patterns of walking for transport and exercise: a novel application of time use dataTudor-Locke, Catrine; Bittman, Michael ; Merom, Dafna; Bauman, Adrian30-Mar-2010
212005Mission Possible: Creating exciting opportunities to enrich and engage primary students in sciencePanizzon, Debra Lee ; McLennan, Gordon21-Aug-2013
222014A new partial defence for the mercy killer: revisiting loss of controlLivings, Ben7-Jun-2017
232007Empirically Supported Self-Help BooksMalouff, John M ; Rooke, Sally Erin 12-Jul-2011
242006An Evaluation of Performance Measurement and the Identification of 'At Risk' Municipal Councils in NSW Local GovernmentMurray, David Randall; Dollery, Brian E 12-Jul-2011
252003Europe: Open market... open source?Forrest, Heather12-Nov-2008
262006The Use of School Discourses to Understand Boys' Early School Leaving in Queensland, AustraliaHarrington, I 12-Nov-2008
272010Comment on Trinch's risky subjects: Risky narratives in courtroom testimonyEades, Diana 13-Jul-2011
282004Cattanach v Melchior: Principle, Policy and Judicial ActivismHamer, D16-Dec-2008
292004Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Nevertheless Dead: The Hypothetical Adolescence of Prince Hamlet and the Contested Remorselessness of Young OffendersMorss, JR16-Dec-2008
302004Restraints of Trade in New South WalesMoses, A16-Dec-2008
312004Liberal Legal Education: The Gap Between Rhetoric and RealityJames, NJ16-Dec-2008
322004A Right Old Mess: Rees v Darlington Health Authority [2003] 3 WLR 1091Lunney, M16-Dec-2008
332004Ambiguities and Inconsistencies in Relation to the Obligations of Proxies under Corporations Law: A Model for ReformMcConvill, J; Bagaric, M16-Dec-2008
342004Limitation Legislation and Loans Repayable on DemandTarrant, J16-Dec-2008
352005Judging and Justice: The Sir Frank Kitto Lecture, 2004Guest, S16-Dec-2008
362009英语专业硕士研究生智性发展研究基于北京十所重点高校的调查Zhang, Zuocheng ; Huang, Hao; Wang, Yan; Li, Ping29-Feb-2016
372005Corporate Suicide: David Defeats (A Deceased) GoliathTarrant, J16-Dec-2008
382003试论商务英语的发展模式Zhang, Zuocheng 29-Feb-2016
392005In Spite of Itself?: The High Court and the Development of Australian Sentencing PrinciplesEdney, R16-Dec-2008
402002国际商务英语探析Zhang, Zuocheng 29-Feb-2016
412005Neither the 'Caroline Formula' nor the 'Bush Doctrine': An Alternative Framework to Assess the Legality of Preemptive StrikesHofmeister, HH16-Dec-2008
422005The High Court Decision in Toll (FCGT) Pty Ltd v Alphapharm Pty Ltd & OrsCumes, G16-Dec-2008
432005Solicitors and the duty to disclose: Hilton v Barker Booth & Eastwood (a firm) [2005] UKHL 8; [2005] 1 WLR 567Vann, VJ16-Dec-2008
442006The Trouble with Woon: The Selective Answering of Police Questions and the Right to Pre-Trial SilenceRoos, O16-Dec-2008
452006Lapita on an island in the mangroves? The earliest human occupation at Qoqo Island, southwest Viti Levu, FijiNunn, Patrick ; Matararaba, Sepeti; Kumar, Roselyn; Pene, Conway; Yuen, Linda; Pastorizo, Ronna15-Jul-2011
462003Body Growth, Visceral Organ Weight and Intestinal Digestive Enzyme of Chickens on Diets Varying in Energy and Protein ContentsSwatson, H K; Iji, Paul ; Gous, R M6-Apr-2010
472009Comment: "Time Use and Subjective Well-being in France and the US"Bittman, Michael 18-Jul-2011
482014Teaching Statistics with GeoGebraProdromou, Theodosia 3-Nov-2014
492017Cryptobenthic reef fishesGoatley, Christopher ; Brandl, Simon J16-Jun-2017
502004Riding on a Geep's Back: Preparing Australian Patent Law for a Domestic Industry Sourced in the Transgenic AnimalConroy, K16-Dec-2008
Results 1-50 of 431 (Search time: 0.038 seconds).