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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Exploring women's experiences of STIsEast, Leah ; Jackson, Debra 30-May-2017
22011Some Thoughts on FingeringKnijff, Jan-Piet28-Jun-2011
32009A Case of Amiodarone-Induced Thyrotoxicosis: A diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmaAhamed PS, Sudheer19-Mar-2010
42015A walk on the wild side at Quirindi PreschoolThompson, Alison; Frith, Charmiane; Elliott, Sue 28-Jan-2016
52015Food for ThoughtElliott, Sue 28-Jan-2016
62008Let us not be guided by outdated copyright treatiesPerry, Mark 30-Sep-2014
71995Gaining co-operation for mouth care from a child with cancerCampbell, Steven 29-Jul-2013
82010Young people and sexual health adversityEast, Leah 31-May-2017
92017Guide to the Classics: Neil Gaiman's American GodsHale, Elizabeth 31-May-2017
102004Who is right about their rights?Fisher, Jeremy 22-Jun-2012
112010Current issues in broadcasting and publishingFisher, Jeremy 30-Jun-2011
122015Family violence in the rural landscapeHarris, Bridget 4-Feb-2016
132009Nunc Dimittis: Ewald Kooiman (1938-2009)Knijff, Jan-Piet30-Jun-2011
142006Johann Ludwig Krebs, 'Prelude in F Major': A Guide Towards PerformanceKnijff, Jan-Piet30-Jun-2011
152006Bruhns's "Little" E-minor: A Guide Towards PerformanceKnijff, Jan-Piet30-Jun-2011
162006Hindemith Sonata No. 2, second movement: A Guide Towards PerformanceKnijff, Jan-Piet30-Jun-2011
172009Better managing homophobiaJones, Tiffany ; Tyrell, Kristy Lee25-Jun-2012
182017Snapchat: Now you see it, now you don't!Gregory, Sue ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Masters, Yvonne ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Kennedy, Amanda L 1-Jun-2017
191995DivingJames, Wendy7-Oct-2014
202012Postscript to 'Men and a River'Ryan, John S 26-Jun-2012
212015Fixing global governancePage, James S 9-Feb-2016
222004Have we lost the plot?Fisher, Jeremy 27-Jun-2012
231997End of seasonJames, Wendy27-Jun-2012
242011Gains for rural studentsCornish, Linley 6-Jul-2011
252014The Digital Play Framework: helping early childhood educators integrate technologies with play-based learningEdwards, Susan; Bird, Jo 10-Feb-2016
262002Mathematical connections for the middle school specialistCallingham, Rosemary Anne ; Watson, Jane8-Aug-2013
272007Counterpoint: New modes of interactingBoyle, Christopher 15-Oct-2014
282009Teaching Stage Three DramaEverett, Lynn M 26-Mar-2010
292015When technology dominatesBird, Jo 16-Feb-2016
302009Bitter Fruit: Ruth Park's trilogy of want and human spiritWalker, Shirley29-Mar-2010
312010SCC clarifies areas of challenge for selection patentsPerry, Mark 20-Aug-2013
322009Genetically modified organisms: Why we need a transparent system of regulationPerry, Mark 20-Aug-2013
332005Post-Conflict Higher Education Challenges in Timor LesteBoughton, Robert George 12-Jul-2011
342006Benefits of Fitting One Versus Two Hearing AidsNoble, William Glass 12-Jul-2011
352011Video subtitling: some creative usesChandler, Paul10-Jul-2012
362014Kansalaisten oikeuksien ja vakaan julkisen talouden yhteensovittaminen: Pohjoismaiden tapausWalsh, Adrian J 24-Feb-2016
372012Addressing the protracted Burmese refugee situation in ThailandDitton, Mary 12-Jul-2012
382008Children, Families and Community: embracing change, embracing familiesSims, Margaret 13-Jul-2011
392008The 'A good beginning report': Implications for AustraliaSims, Margaret 13-Jul-2011
402008Sex Education and the Responsibility of SchoolsSims, Margaret 13-Jul-2011
412010A Study on Perceived Ability GroupingFletcher, Tim; Miller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E 12-Jul-2012
422008What are your green educational values? Consider: Children as veggie gardenersMcCrea, Nadine Louise 13-Jul-2011
432009'Intervention: Katherine, NT' (Julie Nimmo, 2008)Williamson, Dugald G 1-Apr-2010
442010Re-envisaging early childhood teachingSims, Margaret 1-Apr-2010
451991English translation (part 3) of Zheng M and Min T, Buxaceae, (1980) in Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae: Tomus 45(1). Beijing: Science PressTasker, Isabel ; Carter, Robyn15-Jun-2017
461991English translation (part 2) of Zheng M and Min T, Buxaceae, (1980) in Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae: Tomus 45(1). Beijing: Science PressTasker, Isabel ; Carter, Robyn15-Jun-2017
471991English translation (part 1) of Zheng M and Min T, Buxaceae, (1980) in Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae: Tomus 45(1). Beijing: Science PressTasker, Isabel ; Carter, Robyn15-Jun-2017
482014Still a mystery: DNA hasn't named Jack the Ripper after allReed, Michael14-Nov-2014
492004Comprehensive service and practice development: City Hospitals Sunderland's experience of patient journeysCampbell, Steve ; Watson, Bill; Gibson, Andrew; Husband, Gill; Bremner, Ken29-Apr-2010
502009How can teachers of languages other than English support the achievement of children with learning difficulties in primary classrooms?Shield, Margaret; Graham, Lorraine29-Apr-2010
Results 1-50 of 345 (Search time: 0.039 seconds).