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12009Reading comprehension and spoken language about multi-semiotic textsDaly, Ann Elizabeth18-Mar-2010
22009Theoretical insights applied to learning to teach primary school physical educationFreak, Annette ; Miller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E 18-Mar-2010
32009Interviewing the Australian Business Elite: 'Let's get down to business'Robson, Martin J18-Mar-2010
42009Accounting professionalization amidst alternating politico-economic order of EthiopiaMihret, Dessalegn; James, Kieran; Mula, Joseph M18-Mar-2010
52009Childhood today explored through notions of being and timeKnaus, Marianne18-Mar-2010
62016Kampoon Boontawee's 'A Child of the Northeast' as Literary EthnobotanyRyan, John C 30-May-2017
72009Trans-Tasman genetic evaluations of sheep: spreading the net widerYoung, M J; Newman, S-A N; Apps, R; Brown, Daniel 18-Mar-2010
82008Building Confidence in Teaching Primary MusicAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
92013The barrier is down but the finishing line recedes for many: improving opportunities and outcomes in enabling educationMuldoon, Robyn ; Wijeyewardene, Ingrid 26-Sep-2014
102009Re-Engineering the Bush: An innovative collaborative engineering degree at the University of New England, ArmidaleGlencross-Grant, Rex 18-Mar-2010
112007Perceptions of Primary School Teaching by First Year Education StudentsAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
122007Developing a Model for Primary Music Pedagogy Course to Build Student Teachers' Confidence in Teaching MusicAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
132010Examination of time perspective, hope, self-efficacy, and ethnic identity: A structural equation modelPhan, Huy 18-Mar-2010
142013Mixed media: Moving between painting and writingO'Sullivan, Jane26-Sep-2014
152009Potential introgression pathways and strategies for wider use of the FecB gene in Maharashtra state and other parts of IndiaNimbkar, Chanda; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Ghalsasi, Pradip; Nimbkar, Bonbehari; Walkden-Brown, Steve W 18-Mar-2010
162014Talking the Talk: Audio Feedback as a Tool for Student AssessmentParkes, Mitchell ; Fletcher, Peter 26-Sep-2014
172006Changes of Student Teachers' Confidence in Teaching Secondary MusicAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
182006Relationships Between Student Teachers' Confidence and Competence in Teaching Secondary MusicAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
192009Hippocratic oaths and hypocritical practice: NPM and the public health systemSheridan, Alison J ; O'Sullivan, Jane18-Mar-2010
202015Beyond East Asian Landscapes: A Survey of Ecocriticism in Thai Literary StudiesRyan, John C 30-May-2017
212009A Comparison of ARCGIS modelled and ground recorded solar radiation data and opportunities for utilisation in environmental modelsKumar, Lalit 18-Mar-2010
222005Make a difference in a public high school? A personal experience in music classesAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
232009Use of Quickbird Imagery to Map Vegetation Communities to extract Warkworth Sand Woodlands in the Hunter Valley in AustraliaKumar, Lalit ; Munoz-Robles, Carlos; Gross, Caroline L 18-Mar-2010
242004Changes in Perceptions of Confidence in Teaching Music by Pre-service StudentsAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
252002Creative visual thinking reflected in graphic notations of compositions: Sound-focus and structure-focus typesAuh, Myung-sook ; Walker, Robert19-Jun-2012
262003Pre-service Students' Self-perceptions of Confidence in Teaching Music and Liking Music in Relation to Formal and Informal Musical ExperiencesAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
272009Thematic analyses of employee perceptions of leadership: Further support for the construct of effective leadership within local councils of AustraliaMuchiri, Michael K; Cooksey, Ray W 18-Mar-2010
282010The reciprocality between critical thinking and deep processing strategies: A longitudinal approachPhan, Huy 18-Mar-2010
292002Factors affecting pre-service teachers' ability to recognize creativity in music teachingAuh, Myung-sook ; Power, Anne19-Jun-2012
302012Project #pstn: engaging pre-service teachers in the TwitterverseLemon, Narelle; Thorneycroft, Sarah; Jones, David; Forner, Lauren26-Sep-2014
312009Professional development online: Ethics education for accountants and business managersFisher, Josie A ; McCormack, Cathryn18-Mar-2010
322002Reasons for liking music: Differences by country and gender among Australian, Korean, and American University studentsAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
332009The ecohydrology of stream networksHarris, Celeste; Thoms, Martin ; Scown, Murray29-Jun-2011
342009Comparison of challenge methods for experimental infection with MDV: Intra-abdominal injection of cell cultured MDV versus exposure to infectious dustRenz, Katrin ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Islam, A Fakrhul 18-Mar-2010
352001Creative aspects of musical compositions and invented stories by 3-5 year old children: originality, structure, and expressivenessAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
362009The wetting and drying regime of a terminal flood plain-wetland system: implications for waterbird habitatRayburg, SC; Thoms, Martin 29-Jun-2011
372001Perceptions of Creative Music Teaching by Pre-service TeachersPower, Anne; Auh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
382009Enhancing rural & regional gifted student experiences: Exemplars of innovative enrichment practiceSmith, Susen; Smith, Raymond John18-Mar-2010
392009The character and behaviour of flood plain vegetation landscapesShilpakar, Rajendra; Thoms, Martin 29-Jun-2011
402009Global gene expression profiling of Angus cattle selected for low and high net feed intakeChen, Y; Gondro, Cedric ; Quinn, K; Vanselow, B; Parnell, P F; Herd, R M18-Mar-2010
412001The Role of Graphic Notations in Musical Compositions by Australian Secondary Students: Enhancing OriginalityAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
422009Mapping stream surface flow types by balloon: an inexpensive high resolution remote sensing solution to rapid assessment of stream habitat heterogeneity?Reid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin 29-Jun-2011
432009Evaluation of pig flight time, average daily gain and backfat using random effect models including grower groupJones, Robert M; Hermesch, Susanne ; Crump, Ronald E 18-Mar-2010
442003Pre-Service Teachers' Rationale for Why Peers' Music Teaching is CreativePower, Anne; Auh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
452009The potential effect of re-snagging on hydraulic habitatSouthwell, Mark ; Thoms, Martin ; Boys, Craig29-Jun-2011
462000A Pilot Study of Comparing Creativity in Composing and Story-telling by Children Aged 3 to 5Auh, Myung-sook ; Johnston, Rosemary19-Jun-2012
472010Palm-Like Fingers Holding a Coarse Line of Air: Poetic Enquiry into Southwest Australian FloraRyan, John C 30-May-2017
482011Solon as Prophet and Diviner: Was the Athenian Mediator and Archon of 594 BC Inspired by Mania?Dillon, Matthew P 20-Jun-2012
491999Feature Extraction Algorithm for Beef MarblingYoshikawa, F; Toraichi, K; Wada, K; Otsu, N; Nakai, H; Mitsumoto, M; Katagishi, K; Kwan, Paul H 20-Jun-2012
502006Changing Patterns of Settlement and Land Use in the Hinterland of Pella (Jordan) in Late AntiquityWatson, P 25-Sep-2008
Results 1-50 of 2151 (Search time: 0.044 seconds).