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12012No stimulation of nitrogen fixation by non-filamentous diazotrophs under elevated CO₂ in the South PacificLaw, Cliff S; Breitbarth, Eike; Hoffmann, Linn J; McGraw, Christina ; Langlois, Rebecca J; LaRoche, Julie; Marriner, Andrew; Safi, Karl A7-Oct-2014
22013Bayesian Re-evaluation of Lapita Settlement in Fiji: Radiocarbon analysis of the Lapita occupation at Bourewa and nearby sites on the Rove Peninsula, Viti Levu IslandNunn, Patrick ; Petchey, Fiona2-Aug-2013
32015Profilin-1 mediated cell-cycle arrest: searching for drug targetsMoens, Pierre ; Coumans-Moens, Joelle 5-Feb-2016
420052005 Eldershaw Memorial Lecture: Tasmania and the Multiplicity of NationsAtkinson, AT 2-May-2008
52005Staan de beste Pachelbel-orgels in Amerika? Taylor & Boody restaureerden het Tannenberg-orgel in Winston-SalemKnijff, Jan-Piet4-Jul-2011
62013A trace-metal clean, pH-controlled incubator system for ocean acidification incubation studiesHoffmann, Linn J; Breitbarth, Eike; McGraw, Christina ; Law, Cliff S; Currie, Kim I; Hunter, Keith A7-Oct-2014
72016School experiences of transgender and gender diverse students in AustraliaJones, Tiffany ; Smith, Elizabeth; Ward, Roz; Dixon, Jennifer; Hillier, Lynne; Mitchell, Anne5-Feb-2016
82017An empirical analysis of the performance of Vietnamese higher education institutionsTran, Thi ; Villano, Renato 1-Jun-2017
92016Young children learning about well-being and environmental education in the early years: a funds of knowledge approachEdwards, Susan; Skouteris, Helen; Cutter-Mackenzie, Amy; Rutherford, Leonie; O'Conner, Mandy; Mantilla, Ana; Morris, Heather; Elliott, Sue 5-Feb-2016
102012Assessment of Learners with Special Needs for Inclusive Education in Botswana: Issues and Challenges for schoolsMangope, Boitumelo; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed ; Major, Thanjiwe25-Jun-2012
112015Increasing Students' Involvement in Technology-supported Mathematics Lesson SequencesProdromou, Theodosia ; Lavicza, Zsolt; Koren, Balazs5-Feb-2016
122009Why Do Extinctions Matter? Mourning the Loss of Indigenous Flora in the Southwest of Western AustraliaRyan, John C 1-Jun-2017
132012A Liouville theorem for conformal Gaussian curvature type equations in R²Du, Yihong ; Ma, Li25-Jun-2012
142015A 10-Year Plan for quality living for people with disabilities and their carersCraig, Jocelyn E; Cartwright, Collen5-Feb-2016
152012School leadership in times of crisisSmith, Larry ; Riley, Daniel 25-Jun-2012
162015Exposure of coastal built assets in the South Pacific to climate risksKumar, Lalit ; Taylor, Subhashni 5-Feb-2016
172011Enhancing Australian Regional Policy: A Conceptual Framework for Assessing the Role of Regional Development AustraliaDollery, Brian E ; Buultjens, Jeremy; Adams, Kim25-Jun-2012
181997London, EnglandJames, Wendy9-Oct-2014
192017World climate suitability projections to 2050 and 2100 for growing oil palmPaterson, R R M; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Lima, N2-Jun-2017
202013Geochemical provenience of 16th-19th century C.E. Asian ceramics from Torres Strait, northeast AustraliaGrave, Peter ; McNiven, Ian J6-Aug-2013
212007Impact of genotype and fetal and pre-weaning growth on steroidogenic capacity of the adult bovine adrenalCoulter, C L; Greenwood, Paul; Dunn, S L; Salkeld, M D9-Oct-2014
222008Effect of repeated implants of oestradiol-17β on beef palatability in Brahman and Braham cross steers finished to different market end pointsThompson, John Mitchell ; Polkinghorne, R; Porter, M; Burrow, H M; Hunter, R A; McCrabb, G J; Watson, R26-Oct-2009
232017Balancing cognitive diversity and mutual understanding in multidisciplinary teamsMitchell, Rebecca; Boyle, Brendan; O'Brien, Rachael; Malik, Ashley; Tian, Karen; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Joyce, Pauline; Chiang, Vico2-Jun-2017
242012Gender plasticity and sexual system stability in 'Wurmbea'Vaughton, Glenda V ; Ramsey, Mike W26-Jun-2012
252001The "Canadian" in Canadian Children's LiteratureBainbridge, Joyce; Wolodko, Brenda 13-Oct-2014
262012Great Big Hairy Bees! Regulating the European Bumblebee, 'Bombus terrestris' L. What does it say about the Precautionary Principle?Moore, Cameron ; Gross, Caroline L 26-Jun-2012
272013amati e saliaAndreoni, Giovanni8-Feb-2016
282017Using oral fluids samples for indirect influenza A virus surveillance in farmed UK pigsGerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Dawson, Lorna; Strugnell, Ben; Burgess, Robert; Brown, Helen; Opriessnig, Tanja2-Jun-2017
292011The effectiveness of two novel techniques in establishing the mechanical and contractile responses of biceps femorisDitroilo, Massimiliano; Hunter, Angus M; Haslam, Samuel; de Vito, Giuseppe 13-Oct-2014
302017Biological Processes as Writerly? An Ecological Critique of DNA-based PoetryRyan, John C 4-Jun-2017
312013A Comparison of Physical Abilities and Match Performance Characteristics Among Elite and Subelite Under-14 Soccer PlayersWaldron, Mark ; Murphy, Aron 13-Oct-2014
322003Glasshouse and field studies on the effects of groundcovers on banana and macadamia growth and water relationsFirth, DJ; Johns, GG; Whalley, Ralph D 26-Oct-2009
332005The Relationship Between the Five-Factor Model of Personality and Symptoms of Clinical Disorders: a Meta-analysisMalouff, JM ; Thorsteinsson, EB ; Schutte, N 2-May-2008
342003Phytotoxicity of metabolites produced by 'Pyrenophora semeniperda' in liquid cultureCampbell, MA; Medd, RW; Brown, JF26-Oct-2009
352008Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Exercise on Lower-Extremity Muscle Strength and Power in an Older Population: A Randomized Clinical TrialRees, Sven S; Murphy, Aron ; Watsford, Mark13-Oct-2014
362011Intelligibility of Standard German and Low German to Speakers of DutchGooskens, Charlotte ; Kurschner, Sebastian; van Bezooijen, Renee4-Jun-2017
372002First Record and Description of 'Catatropis indicus' Srivastava 1935 (Digenea: Notocotylidae), in AustraliaKoch, Maree8-Aug-2013
382010A Prospective Study of the Relationship Between Lower Body Stiffness and Hamstring Injury in Professional Australian Rules FootballersWatsford, Mark L; Murphy, Aron ; McLachlan, Ken A; Bryant, Adam L; Cameron, Matt L; Crossley, Kay M; Makdissi, Michael13-Oct-2014
392009Effects of whole body vibration on postural steadiness in an older populationRees, Sven S; Murphy, Aron ; Watsford, Mark L13-Oct-2014
402008Effect of carcass suspension and cooking method on the palatability of three beef muscles as assessed by Korean and Australian consumersPark, B. Y.; Hwang, I. H.; Cho, S. H.; Yoo, Y. M.; Kim, J. H.; Lee, J. M.; Polkinghorne, R.; Thompson, John Mitchell 26-Oct-2009
412016Rethinking Botanical Nativism: Oral History, Plant-based Cultural Heritage and the Indigenous-Exotic BinaryRyan, John C 4-Jun-2017
422002Mathematical connections for the middle school specialistCallingham, Rosemary Anne ; Watson, Jane8-Aug-2013
432012Movement Demands and Match Performance in Professional Australian FootballJohnston, Richard J; Watsford, Mark L; Pine, Matthew J; Spurrs, Robert W; Murphy, Aron ; Pruyn, Elizabeth C13-Oct-2014
442011Differences in the Kinematics of the Baseball Swing between Hitters of Varying SkillInkster, Brendan; Murphy, Aron ; Bower, Rob; Watsford, Mark13-Oct-2014
452015Fixing global governancePage, James S 9-Feb-2016
462003Distribution and density of the root system of macadamia on krasnozem soil and some effects of legume groundcovers on fibrous root densityFirth, D J; Whalley, Ralph D ; Johns, GG27-Oct-2009
472011Time-Motion Analysis of International and National Level FutsalDogramaci, Sera N; Watsford, Mark L; Murphy, Aron 14-Oct-2014
482012The Validity and Reliability of 5-hz Global Positioning System Units to Measure Team Sport Movement DemandsJohnston, Richard J; Watsford, Mark L; Pine, Matthew J; Spurrs, Robert W; Murphy, Aron ; Pruyn, Elizabeth C14-Oct-2014
492009Perceptions and Applications of Information Literacy by First Year Applied Science StudentsWilkes, Janelle ; Gurney, Lisa J24-Mar-2010
502012Validation of an immunoperoxidase monolayer assay for total anti-'Vaccinia virus' antibody titrationGerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Matos, Ana Carolina D; Guedes, Maria Isabel M C; Madureira, Marieta C; Silva, Marcos X; Lobato, Zelia I P5-Jun-2017
Results 1-50 of 12862 (Search time: 0.057 seconds).


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