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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Paternal age and common mental disordersKrishnaswamy, Saroja; Subramaniam, Kavitha; Indran, Haymanth; Ramachandran, Padma; Indran, Tishya; Indran, Ramesh; Abdul Aziz, Jemain7-Oct-2014
22009The First Australasian School of Rural Medicine: How Rural Fellows Addressed the "Anatomy Problem"Stewart, Fiona22-Mar-2010
32011Association of Inherited Thrombophilia with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss in Palestinian WomenAbu-Asab, Nihad ; Ayesh, Suhail K; Ateeq, Rwan O; Nassar, Suhair M; El-Sharif, Wassif A28-Jul-2011
42016Variation in Latent Classes of Adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder by Sex and Environmental AdversityEbejer, Jane ; Medland, Sarah; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Lynskey, Michael; Martin, Nicholas; Duffy, David L6-Oct-2016
52015Sexual history taking in general practice: managing sexually transmitted infections for female sex workers by doctors and assistant doctors in VietnamDo, Khoi; Minichiello, Victor ; Hussain, Rafat ; Khan, Asaduzzaman29-Jan-2015
62009Viszeralchirurgische Versorgung in England, Neuseeland und Australien im Vergleich zu DeutschlandDahl, Hans13-Apr-2010
72011Higher degree research supervision: From practice toward theoryMaxwell, Thomas W ; Smyth, Robyn 26-Jul-2011
82009Rural Residentially-Delivered, Surgeon-Facilitated, Gross Topographical Anatomy by Dissection for Surgical Trainees: The First Australasian Course, its Conduct and EvaluationStewart, Fiona30-Jul-2010
92014Diversity in the context of multicultural communities: implications for nursing and midwifery practiceUsher, Kim ; Mills, Jane; West, Roianne30-Apr-2015
102012HIV Risks Among Injecting Drug Users in Vietnam: A Review of the Research EvidenceDo, Khoi; Minichiello, Victor ; Hussain, Rafat 7-Dec-2012
112011Delayed fathering and risk of mental disorders in adult offspringKrishnaswamy, Saroja; Subramaniam, Kavitha; Ramachandran, Padma; Indran, Tishya; Abdul Aziz, Jemain31-Oct-2011
122008Test Anxiety: State, Trait and Relationship with Exam SatisfactionPing, Loh Tze; Subramaniam, Kavitha; Krishnaswamy, Saroja3-Feb-2012
132009Factors Contributing to Utilization of Health Care Services in Malaysia: A Population-Based StudyKrishnaswamy, Saroja; Subramaniam, Kavitha; Yun Low, Wah; Abdul Aziz, Jemain; Indran, Tishya; Ramachandran, Padma; Abdul Hamid, Abdul Rahman; Patel, Vikram3-Feb-2012
142015Psychometric evaluation of the Indonesian version of the Impact of Event Scale-RevisedWarsini, S; Buettner, P; Mills, J; West, C; Usher, Kim 26-May-2015
152011Endometriosis Gene Expression Heterogeneity and Biosignature: A Phylogenetic AnalysisAbu-Asab, Mones; Zhang, Ming; Amini, Dennis; Abu-Asab, Nihad ; Amri, Hakima3-Feb-2012
162006The Clinical Interview Schedule - Revised (CIS-R): Malay Version, Clinical ValidationSubramaniam, Kavitha; Krishnaswamy, Saroja; Aziz Jemain, Abdul; Hamid, Abdul; Patel, Vikram3-Feb-2012
172013Meridians under the skinShaw, Vivien; Aland, Rachel 14-Apr-2014
182013Genome-Wide Association Study of Inattention and Hyperactivity-Impulsivity Measured as Quantitative TraitsEbejer, Jane; Duffy, David L; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Wright, Margaret J; Montgomery, Grant W; Gillespie, Nathan A; Hickie, Ian B; Martin, Nicholas; Medland, Sarah2-Apr-2014
192015Human rights of the mentally ill in IndonesiaNurjannah, I; Mills, J; Park, T; Usher, Kim 30-Jun-2015
202012Medical students on long-term regional and rural placements: what is the financial cost to supervisors?Hudson, Judith; Weston, Kathryn M; Farmer, EA8-Mar-2013
212012Reply to Comment on: Medical students on long-term regional and rural placements: what is the financial cost to supervisors?Hudson, Judith; Weston, KM; Farmer, EA12-Mar-2013
222012Patient perceptions of innovative longitudinal integrated clerkships based in regional, rural and remote primary care: a qualitative studyHudson, Judith; Knight, Patricia J; Weston, Kathryn M12-Mar-2013
232012Common mental disorders in Malaysia: Malaysian mental health survey, 2003-2005Krishnaswamy, Saroja; Subramaniam, Kavitha; Jemain, Abdul Aziz; Low, Wah Yun; Ramachandran, Padma; Indran, Tishya; Patel, Vikram12-Mar-2013
242004Work in Progress: Development of an Inter-Practice Visit Program for GP RegistrarsFraser, John ; Koppe, Hilton7-Mar-2012
252011Mobile Technologies and Rich Media: Expanding Tertiary Education Opportunities in Developing CountriesAndrews, Patricia Marguerite; Smyth, Robyn ; Tynan, Belinda; Berriman, Andrew; Vale, Deborah; Caladine, Richard23-Jan-2012
262015Post-traumatic stress disorder among survivors two years after the Mount Merapi volcano eruption: A survey studyWarsini, Sri; Buettner, Petra; Mills, Jane; West, Caryn; Usher, Kim 7-May-2015
272014Translation, Cultural Adaptation, and Psychometric Testing of the Environmental Distress Scale With Indonesian Survivors of a Volcanic EruptionWarsini, Sri; Buettner, Petra; Mills, Jane; West, Caryn; Usher, Kim 8-May-2015
282012The course of the obturator artery following passage through the obturator foramen into the thighNavi, Ali; Turner, Eleanor Jane H; Aland, Rachel 2-May-2014
292015Contrast Effects and Sex Influence Maternal and Self-Report Dimensional Measures of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderEbejer, Jane ; Medland, Sarah; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Wright, M J; Henders, A K; Gillespie, N A; Hickie, I B; Martin, Nicholas; Duffy, D L28-Jul-2015
302013Implementing a Community-Based Model of Exercise Training Following Cardiac, Pulmonary, and Heart Failure RehabilitationAdsett, Julie; Hickey, Annabel; Nagle, Amanda ; Mudge, Alison29-May-2014
312015Undergraduate student nurses' self-reported preparedness for practiceWoods, Cindy ; West, Caryn; Mills, Jane; Park, Tanya; Southern, Joanne; Usher, Kim 3-Dec-2015
322015Psychosocial and environmental distress resulting from a volcanic eruption: Study protocolWarsini, Sri; Usher, Kim ; Buettner, Petra; Mills, Jane; West, Caryn29-Sep-2015
332012Dorsolateral musculocutaneous perforators of posterior intercostal artery: An anatomical studyPrasad, Vani; Almutairi, Khalid; Kimble, Fank W; Stewart, Fiona; Morris, Steven F17-Jun-2013
342015Cross-sectional survey of the disaster preparedness of nurses across the Asia-Pacific regionUsher, Kim ; Mills, Jane; Sayami, Jamuna; Lak, Muy Seang; Sio, Alison; Ullah, Mohammad Mofiz; Sheng, Yu; Zang, Yuli; Buettner, Petra; Woods, Cindy ; West, Caryn; Casella, Evan; Dorji, Passang; Guo, Aimin; Koy, Virya; Pego, George; Phanpaseuth, Souksavanh; Phouthavong, Olaphim5-Nov-2015
352010Viability, Sustainability, Scalability and Pedagogy: Investigating the Spread of Real-time, Rich Media Technologies in Australian UniversitiesSmyth, Robyn ; Vale, Deborah; Andrews, Patricia Marguerite; Caladine, Richard9-Jun-2011
Results 1-35 of 35 (Search time: 2.814 seconds).


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