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12010Investigations Into The Acid-Base Properties Of 2-Butanol Decomposition Over Metal OxidesBallam, Nicholas; Brown, Trevor C 5-Jul-2011
22010GPS Tracking of Sheep to Investigate Shelter and Shade Use in Relation to Climatic ConditionsTaylor, Donnalee B ; Brown, Wendy ; Price, Ian ; Trotter, Mark ; Lamb, David ; Hinch, Geoffrey 5-Jul-2011
32011The effectiveness of two novel techniques in establishing the mechanical and contractile responses of biceps femorisDitroilo, Massimiliano; Hunter, Angus M; Haslam, Samuel; de Vito, Giuseppe 13-Oct-2014
42010Ultra low level aircraft (ULLA) as a platform for active optical sensing of crop biomassLamb, David ; Trotter, Mark ; Schneider, Derek 26-Jun-2012
52011Effects of dilute acid pretreatment on enzyme saccharification of wheat stubbleVancov, Tony ; McIntosh, Shane8-Aug-2013
62012Apparatus and method for mashup of multimedia contentCheok, Lai-Tee ; Nguyen, Nhut; Song, Jaeyeon; Rhyu, Sungryeul; Hwang, Seo-Young; Park, Kyungmo2-Jun-2017
72016Analytics-modulated coding of surveillance videoCheok, Lai-Tee ; Gagvani, Nikhil2-Jun-2017
82013Methods and apparatus for integrating external applicaitons into an MPEG-4 sceneCheok, Lai-Tee ; Puri, Atul; Schmidt, Robert2-Jun-2017
92013A Comparison of Physical Abilities and Match Performance Characteristics Among Elite and Subelite Under-14 Soccer PlayersWaldron, Mark ; Murphy, Aron 13-Oct-2014
102008Differential Convolution for Medical DiagnosisWatson, Charles Richard; Millis, Catherine24-Mar-2010
112006Fingerprint Matching using Enhanced Shape ContextKwan, PH ; Gao, J; Guo, Y29-Sep-2008
122011Assessing Musculo-Articular Stiffness Using Free Oscillations: Theory, Measurement and AnalysisDitroilo, Massimiliano; Watsford, Mark; Murphy, Aron ; de Vito, Giuseppe 14-Oct-2014
131989Effects of acute insulin deficiency on catecholamine and indoleamine content and catecholamine turnover in microdissected hypothalamic nuclei in streptozotocin-diabetic ratsOliver, EH; Sartin, JL; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Rahe, CH; Marple, DN; Kemppainen, RJ27-Jun-2012
141985Binding characteristics of swine erythrocyte insulin receptorsDieberg, Gudrun ; Bryan, GS; Sartin, JL; Williams, JC; Prince, TJ; Kemppainen, RJ27-Jun-2012
152010An automated pH-controlled culture system for laboratory-based ocean acidification experimentsMcGraw, Christina ; Cornwall, Christopher E; Reid, Malcolm R; Currie, Kim I; Hepburn, Christopher D; Boyd, Philip; Hurd, Catriona L; Hunter, Keith A14-Oct-2014
162015Ethnopharmacology in Australia and OceaniaJones, Graham L ; Sadgrove, Nicholas9-Feb-2016
172007Autonomous microfluidic system for phosphate detectionMcGraw, Christina ; Stitzel, Shannon E; Cleary, John; Slater, Conor; Diamond, Dermot14-Oct-2014
182012No stimulation of nitrogen fixation by non-filamentous diazotrophs under elevated CO₂ in the South PacificLaw, Cliff S; Breitbarth, Eike; Hoffmann, Linn J; McGraw, Christina ; Langlois, Rebecca J; LaRoche, Julie; Marriner, Andrew; Safi, Karl A7-Oct-2014
192012Ocean acidification and seaweed reproduction: increased CO₂ ameliorates the negative effect of lowered pH on meiospore germination in the giant kelp 'Macrocystis pyrifera' (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae)Roleda, Michael Y; Morris, Jaz N; McGraw, Christina ; Hurd, Catriona L7-Oct-2014
202013A trace-metal clean, pH-controlled incubator system for ocean acidification incubation studiesHoffmann, Linn J; Breitbarth, Eike; McGraw, Christina ; Law, Cliff S; Currie, Kim I; Hunter, Keith A7-Oct-2014
212010Proceedings of the 1st Australian and New Zealand Spatially Enabled Livestock Management SymposiumTrotter, Mark ; Lamb, David ; Trotter, Tieneke 4-Jul-2011
222015Profilin-1 mediated cell-cycle arrest: searching for drug targetsMoens, Pierre ; Coumans-Moens, Joelle 5-Feb-2016
232002Recommendations for the recovery of the Grey-headed Flying-fox 'Pteropus poliocephalus' in New South WalesO'Brien, Gemma Mary; Fisher, Mary-Clare22-Oct-2009
242012A Liouville theorem for conformal Gaussian curvature type equations in R²Du, Yihong ; Ma, Li25-Jun-2012
252014Growth response of an early successional assemblage of coralline algae and benthic diatoms to ocean acidificationJames, Rebecca K; Hepburn, Christopher D; Cornwall, Christopher E; McGraw, Christina ; Hurd, Catriona L7-Oct-2014
262009Proceedings of the 13th Annual Symposium on Precision Agriculture in AustralasiaTrotter, Mark ; Garraway, Emma; Lamb, David 4-Jul-2011
272005Object and Access Evolution in JarrahEvered, MP 26-Sep-2008
282009Selecting areas for land use change in a catchmentDunstan, Neil ; Armstrong, Leisa; Diepeveen, Dean22-Mar-2010
292005Developing Consideration of Variation: Case Studies from a Tertiary Introductory Service Statistics CourseReid, J ; Reading, CE 26-Sep-2008
302010First, Learn to Boil an Egg: Towards a Pragmaticist Vision of the Physical SciencesFellows, Christopher 4-Jul-2011
312012Anchoring and sharing locations and enjoyment experience information on a presentation timeline for multimedia content streamed over a networkNguyen, Nhut; Cheok, Lai-Tee ; Ha, Hojin1-Jun-2017
322010Spatio-temporal monitoring of sheep to investigate shelter and shade useTaylor, Donnalee Bernice ; Brown, Wendy ; Price, Ian ; Trotter, Mark ; Lamb, David ; Schneider, Derek ; Hinch, Geoffrey 5-Jul-2011
332015The effect of hunger on the exploratory behaviour of shoals of mosquitofish 'Gambusia holbrooki'Hansen, Matthew J; Schaerf, Timothy ; Ward, Ashley J W5-Feb-2016
342010Academic Professional development for quality experimental placements: Using National collaborative approached for creating online respository tasksOwen, Susanne M; Stupans, Ieva ; Ryan, Greg; McKauge, Leigh M; Woulfe, Jim6-Jul-2011
352003The phosphorescence microphone: A device for testing oxygen sensors and filmsMcGraw, Christina ; Shroff, Hari; Khalil, Gamal; Callis, James B14-Oct-2014
362006Dynamic surface pressure measurements on a square cylinder with pressure sensitive paintMcGraw, Christina ; Bell, James H; Khalil, Gamal; Callis, James B14-Oct-2014
372013Diurnal fluctuations in seawater pH influence the response of a calcifying macroalga to ocean acidificationCornwall, Christopher E; Hepburn, Christopher D; McGraw, Christina ; Currie, Kim I; Pilditch, Conrad A; Hunter, Keith A; Boyd, Philip W; Hurd, Catriona L14-Oct-2014
382015On the prescribed scalar curvature problem in RN, local uniqueness and periodicityDeng, Yinbin; Lin, Chang-Shou; Yan, Shusen 10-Feb-2016
392007Grasslands Trophy: a new white clover ('Trifolium repens L.') cultivar with tolerance of summer moisture stressAyres, J F; Caradus, J R; Murison, Robert David ; Lane, L A; Woodfield, D R27-Oct-2009
402012Carbon-use Strategies in Macroalgae: Differential Responses to Lowered pH and Implications for Ocean AcidificationCornwall, Christopher E; Hepburn, Christopher D; Pritchard, Daniel; Currie, Kim I; McGraw, Christina ; Hunter, Keith A; Hurd, Catriona L14-Oct-2014
412011Understanding and Measuring the Functionality of Depression among Prostate Cancer PatientsSharpley, Chris ; Christie, David R H ; Bitsika, Vicki 27-Jun-2012
422014Diffusion Boundary Layers Ameliorate the Negative Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Temperate Coralline Macroalga 'Arthrocardia corymbosa'Cornwall, Christopher E; Boyd, Philip W; McGraw, Christina ; Hepburn, Christopher D; Pilditch, Conrad A; Morris, Jaz N; Smith, Abigail M; Hurd, Catriona L14-Oct-2014
432010Involving students in research decision making: Developing a competency graduated descriptors toolOwen, Susanne; Stupans, Ieva ; Ryan, Greg; McKauge, Leigh; Woulfe, Jim7-Jul-2011
442011Ocean Acidification at High Latitudes: Potential Effects on Functioning of the Antarctic Bivalve 'Laternula elliptica'Cummings, Vonda; Hewitt, Judi; Sedcole, Richard; Gomez, Antony; McGraw, Christina ; Metcalf, Victoria; Van Rooyen, Anthony; Currie, Kim; Beard, Samuel; Thrush, Simon; Norkko, Joanna; Barr, Neill; Heath, Philip; Halliday, N Jane14-Oct-2014
452012Time of pruning affects fruit abscission, stem carbohydrates and yield of macadamiaMcFadyen, Lisa Maree; Robertson, David; Sedgley, Margaret ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Olesen, Trevor David 27-Jun-2012
462016Characterization, Mapping, and Monitoring of Rangelands: Methods and ApproachesKumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Brown, Jesslyn F; Ramsey, R Douglas; Rigge, Matthew; Stam, Carson A; Hernandez, Alexander J; Hunt, E Raymond; Reeves, Matthew C10-Feb-2016
472011Metabolically induced pH fluctuations by some coastal calcifiers exceed projected 22nd century ocean acidification: a mechanism for differential susceptibility?Hurd, Catriona L; Cornwall, Christopher E; Currie, Kim; Hepburn, Christopher D; McGraw, Christina ; Hunter, Keith A; Boyd, Philip W14-Oct-2014
482000Critical parameters in facilitating the evolution of N₂-fixing symbiosis between diazotrophs and cerealsKennedy, Ivan R; Pereg, Lily ; Deaker, Rosalind; Wood, Craig; Gilchrist, Kate; McFadden, David; Islam, Nazrul13-Aug-2013
492008Comparison of Time and Frequency Domain Methods for Luminescence Lifetime MeasurementsMcGraw, Christina ; Khalil, Gamal; Callis, James14-Oct-2014
502008Evaluation of Liquid‐and Solid‐Contact, Pb2+‐Selective Polymer‐Membrane Electrodes for Soil AnalysisMcGraw, Christina ; Radu, Tanja; Radu, Aleksandar; Diamond, Dermot14-Oct-2014
Results 1-50 of 2202 (Search time: 0.055 seconds).


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