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12001The Aspidogastrea: An archaic group of PlatyhelminthesRohde, Klaus17-Sep-2013
22001Protonephridia as phylogenetic charactersRohde, Klaus17-Sep-2013
32014Heterothermy in pouched mammals - a reviewRiek, A; Geiser, Fritz 20-Nov-2014
42014The importance of temporal heterothermy in batsStawski, Clare ; Willis, C K R; Geiser, Fritz 21-Nov-2014
52014A Biomechanical Comparison of Three 1.5-mm Plate and Screw Configurations and a Single 2.0-mm Plate for Internal Fixation of a Mandibular Condylar FractureAquilina, Peter; Parr, William C H; Chamoli, Uphar; Wroe, Stephen ; Clausen, Philip25-Nov-2014
62003Understanding the Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution of Parasites: Central Problems and How to Solve ThemRohde, Klaus16-Oct-2013
72011Body size, trophic level, and the use of fish as transmission routes by parasitesPoulin, Robert; Leung, Tommy 29-Jul-2011
82010Marine parasite diversity and environmental gradientsRohde, Klaus6-Jul-2011
92011Putting plant resistance traits on the map: a test of the idea that plants are better defended at lower latitudesMoles, Angela T; Wallis, Ian R; Edwards, Will; Ejrnaes, Rasmus; Gonzales-Ojeda, Therany; Graae, Bente J; Hay, Gregory; Lumwe, Fainess C; Magana-Rodriguez, Benjamin; Moore, Ben D; Peri, Pablo L; Poulsen, John R; Foley, William J; Veltman, Ruan; von Zeipel, Hugo; Andrew, Nigel R ; Boulter, Sarah L; Borer, Elizabeth T; Fernandez Campon, Florencia; Coll, Moshe; Farji-Brener, Alejandro J; De Gabriel, Jane; Jurado, Enrique; Warton, David I; Kyhn, Line A; Low, Bill; Mulder, Christa P H; Reardon-Smith, Kathryn; Rodriguez-Velazquez, Jorge; Seabloom, Eric W; Vesk, Peter A; van Cauter, An; Waldram, Matthew S; Zheng, Zheng; Stegan, James C; Blendinger, Pedro G; Enquist, Brian J; Facelli, Jose M; Knight, Tiffany; Majer, Jonathan D; Martinez-Ramos, Miguel; McQuillan, Peter; Prior, Lynda D; Bisigato, Alejandro J; Cella-Pizarro, Lucrecia; Clark, Connie J; Cohen, Philippe S; Cornwell, William K3-Aug-2011
102001Spatial scaling laws may not apply to most animal speciesRohde, Klaus13-Aug-2012
112001Fuzzy Chaos: Reduced Chaos in the Combined Dynamics of Several Independently Chaotic PopulationsRohde, Klaus; Rohde, Peter P13-Aug-2012
122011The marine limpet 'Notoacmea scapha' acts as a transmission sink for intertidal cercariae in Otago Harbour, New ZealandKoppel, Emily M; Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert2-Aug-2011
132011Intra-host competition between co-infecting digeneans within a bivalve second intermediate host: Dominance by priority-effect or taking advantage of others?Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert2-Aug-2011
142013The paradox of the planktonRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
152013The Balance of Nature and Human ImpactRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
162013Community stability and instability in ectoparasites of marine and freshwater fishSimkova, Andrea; Rohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
172013Latitudinal diversity gradients: equilibrium and nonequilibrium explanationsRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
182013The intricacy of structural and ecological adaptations: micromorphology and ecology of some AspidogastreaRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
192013The importance of interspecific competition in regulating communities, equilibrium vs. nonequilibriumRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
202013Evolutionarily stable strategies: how common are they?Rohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
212015Patterns of diversity and distribution of aquatic invertebrates and their parasitesLeung, Tommy ; Maro, Camilo; Rohde, Klaus6-Jul-2016
222010Leaf miner and plant galler species richness on 'Acacia': relative importance of plant traits and climateBairstow, Katy A; Clarke, Kerri L ; McGeoch, Melodie A; Andrew, Nigel Reece 25-May-2010
232007Management of wild deer in Australia: with particular reference to fallow deer and red deerHall, Graham ; Gill, Kate P27-Oct-2011
242010Pest Responses to Odors From Predators Fed a Diet of Target Species Conspecifics and HeterospecificsCox, Tarnya E; Murray, Peter J; Hall, Graham ; Li, Xiuhua26-Oct-2011
252005Management of Wild Deer in AustraliaHall, Graham ; Gill, Kate P26-Oct-2011
262007Genetic structure of introduced European fallow deer ('Dama dama dama') in Tasmania, AustraliaWebley, Lee S; Zenger, Kyall R; Hall, Graham ; Cooper, Desmond W26-Oct-2011
272013Group size and composition in the Grey-crowned Babbler 'Pomatostomus temporalis' in an urban environmentLambert, Kathryn; Geering, David; Ford, Hugh A 17-Dec-2013
282013The response of insects to climate changeAndrew, Nigel R ; Terblanche, John5-Mar-2014
292008The use of fluorescent fatty acid analogs as labels in trematode experimental infectionsKeeney, Devon B; Lagrue, Clement; Bryan-Walker, Kim; Khan, Nicola; Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert17-Nov-2011
302006Effects of the trematode 'Maritrema novaezealandensis' on the behaviour of its amphipod host: adaptive or not?Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert17-Nov-2011
312008Parasitism, commensalism, and mutualism: exploring the many shades of symbiosesLeung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert18-Nov-2011
322013Gathorne Cranbrook's Contributions to Parasitology in Malaysia in the 1960s: A Historical PerspectiveRohde, Klaus7-Mar-2014
332013Energy and spatial order in niche and communityWright, Shane D; Rohde, Klaus7-Mar-2014
342011Latitudinal gradient in the taxonomic composition of parasite communitiesPoulin, Robert; Leung, Tommy 17-Nov-2011
352008Four trematode cercariae from the New Zealand intertidal snail 'Zeacumantus subcarinatus' (Batillariidae)Martorelli, Sergio R; Fredensborg, Brian L; Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert17-Nov-2011
362005The true cost of host manipulation by parasitesPoulin, Robert; Fredensborg, Brian L; Hansen, Ellen; Leung, Tommy 17-Nov-2011
372008Effects of interspecific competition on asexual proliferation and clonal genetic diversity in larval trematode infections of snailsKeeney, Devon B; Boessenkool, Sanne; King, Tania M; Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert17-Nov-2011
382014Opportunistically Acquired Evidence is Unsuitable Data to Model Fox ('Vulpes vulpes') Distribution in TasmaniaMarks, Clive A; Obendorf, David; Pereira, Filipe; Edwards, Ivo; Hall, Graham 1-Apr-2015
392008Ten polymorphic microsatellite loci for the trematode 'Curtuteria australis' (Echinostomatidae)Leung, Tommy ; King, Tania M; Poulin, Robert; Keeney, Devon B17-Nov-2011
402011Fluorescent probes as a tool for labelling and tracking the amphibian chytrid fungus 'Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis'Herbert, Sarah M; Leung, Tommy ; Bishop, Phillip J17-Nov-2011
412007Interactions between parasites of the cockle 'Austrovenus stutchburyi': hitch-hikers, resident-cleaners, and habitat-facilitatorsLeung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert18-Nov-2011
422009Causes of intraspecific variation in body size among trematode metacercariaeSaldanha, Ian; Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert14-Nov-2011
432013Numbers of breeding Little Eagles 'Hieraaetus morphnoides' in the Australian Capital Territory in relation to atlas countsDebus, Steve J S ; Olsen, Jerry; Judge, David; Butterfield, M12-Mar-2014
442013Observations on Hunting and Breeding Behaviour of the Black Falcon ('Falco Subniger')Debus, Steve J S ; Zuccon, A E12-Mar-2014
452009Trematode parasites of Otago Harbour (New Zealand) soft-sediment intertidal ecosystems: life cycles, ecological roles and DNA barcodesLeung, Tommy ; Donald, Kirsten M; Keeney, Devon B; Koehler, Anson V; Peoples, Robert C; Poulin, Robert14-Nov-2011
462009Contribution of parasites to intra- and inter-site variation in shell morphology of a marine gastropodThieltges, David W; Saldanha, Ian; Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert17-Nov-2011
472009Accumulation of diverse parasite genotypes within the bivalve second intermediate host of the digenean 'Gymnophallus' sp.Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert; Keeney, Devon B17-Nov-2011
482008Size-dependent pattern of metacercariae accumulation in 'Macomona liliana': the threshold for infection in a dead-end hostLeung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert17-Nov-2011
492010Estimating total body water content in suckling and lactating llamas ('Lama glama') by isotope dilutionRiek, Alexander; Gerken, Martina1-Dec-2011
502012Genetic and phenotypic influences on clone-level success and host specialization in a generalist parasiteKoehler, Anson V; Springer, Yuri P; Randhawa, Haseeb S; Leung, Tommy ; Keeney, Devon B; Poulin, Robert28-Mar-2013
Results 1-50 of 157 (Search time: 0.057 seconds).