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Hunter, SallySchool of Health
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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Perceptions of the Role of Mothers in the Disclosure and Nondisclosure of Child Sexual Abuse: A Qualitative StudyHunter, Sally 31-Mar-2016
22013Crafting Practice in Trauma Therapy: A dialogical and relational engagement with ethics and poetic, sacred, spiritual and unnamed moments in therapeutic relationshipsPorter, Lesley Anne; Luxford, Yoni ; Hunter, Sally 1-Oct-2013
32012The Impact of Psychosocial Development and Attachment Styles on Subsequent Partner Selection and Marital Satisfaction in South KoreaOh, Jea Eun; Minichiello, Victor ; Hunter, Sally ; Chung, Siu3-Aug-2012
42014Female sexual dysfunction or not knowing how to ask for what feels good?Hunter, Sally 23-Dec-2014
52001Working with domestic violence: Ethical dilemmas in five theoretical approachesHunter, S 5-May-2008
62009Modes of SupervisionHunter, Sally ; Bowers, Joseph Randolph26-Nov-2009
72008Child Maltreatment in Remote Aboriginal Communities and the Northern Territory Emergency Response: A Complex IssueHunter, Sally 27-Nov-2009
82011Navigating the Challenges of Indirect Trauma: Thriving and sustaining in trauma counselling workLing, Joycelyn; Maple, Myfanwy ; Hunter, Sally ; Hussain, Rafat 16-Jan-2012
92007Indigenous Awakenings: Facing the challenges of education, culture, and healing in Aboriginal AustraliaKennedy, Dwayne Wannamarra Wyndier; Hunter, Sally ; Smith, Larry ; Boughton, Robert G 15-Sep-2010
102010Childhood Sexual Experiences: Narratives of resilienceHunter, Sally 12-Jan-2010
112011Evaluating a creative arts program designed for children who have been sexually abusedHunter, Sally ; Rosevear, Susan20-Feb-2012
122015Social Work Student Views on Palliative Care Learning ResourcesTurner, Linda ; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed ; Agustine, Savana Sabine; Hunter, Sally 1-Jun-2015
132011Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse as a Life-Long Process: Implications for Health ProfessionalsHunter, Sally 20-Feb-2012
142012Inaugural Edition of PACJA: Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of AustraliaHunter, Sally 1-Mar-2013
152012In the Best Interests of the Child: Ethical Challenges for Counsellors and PsychotherapistsHunter, Sally 1-Mar-2013
162012Editorial: The inaugural edition of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia (PACJA)Hunter, Sally 1-Mar-2013
172010Evolving Narratives About Childhood Sexual Abuse: Challenging the Dominance of the Victim and Survivor ParadigmHunter, Sally 8-Dec-2010
182009Beyond Surviving: Gender Differences in Response to Early Sexual Experiences With AdultsHunter, Sally 3-Feb-2010
192010Clients as Teachers: Reciprocal Influences in Therapy RelationshipsKottler, Jeffrey; Hunter, Sally 8-Dec-2010
202014Navigating the Challenges of Trauma Counselling: How Counsellors Thrive and Sustain Their EngagementLing, Joycelyn; Hunter, Sally ; Maple, Myfanwy 14-May-2014
212007Therapists are Socially Constructed TooHunter, Sally ; Kottler, Jeffrey10-Dec-2009
222007Constructing a Sense of Self Following Early Sexual Experiences with Adults: a Qualitative Research StudyHunter, Sally 8-Dec-2009
232006How Counsellors Cope with Traumatized Clients: Personal, professional and organizational strategiesHunter, S ; Schofield, MJ 12-May-2008
242006Understanding the complexity of child sexual abuse: A review of the literature with implications for family counselingHunter, S 12-May-2008
252012Walking in Sacred Spaces in the Therapeutic Bond: Therapists' Experiences of Compassion Satisfaction Coupled with the Potential for Vicarious TraumatizationHunter, Sally 9-Nov-2012
262015The Fly-in Fly-out and Drive-in Drive-out model of health care service provision for rural and remote Australia: benefits and disadvantagesHussain, Rafat ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Hunter, Sally ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Reddy, Prasuna10-Aug-2015
272005The Challenge of Cross Cultural Counsellor Education: An article based on an action research planHunter, S 7-Aug-2008
282012How do we know what works without effectiveness research? Developing a stronger research culture for counsellors and psychotherapistsHunter, Sally 2-Jul-2014
292012Protecting the abused from further trauma during the Royal CommissionHunter, Sally 23-Jul-2014
302014Opportunities and challenges of FIFO and DIDO healthcare services in rural and remote AustraliaHussain, Rafat ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Hunter, Sally ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Reddy, Prasuna2-Jul-2014
312010Analysing and representing narrative data: The long and winding roadHunter, Sally 17-May-2011
Results 1-32 of 32 (Search time: 0.19 seconds).


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