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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Finding brilliance using positive organizational scholarship in healthcareDadich, Ann; Fulop, Liz; Karimi, Leila; Smyth, Anne; Ditton, Mary ; Campbell, Steve ; Curry, Joanne; Eljiz, Kathy; Fitzgerald, Anneke; Hayes, Kathryn J; Herington, Carmel; Isouard, Godfrey 30-Mar-2016
22015An Evidence-Based Framework: Competencies and Skills for Managers in Australian Health ServicesMartins, Jo; Isouard, Godfrey 30-Mar-2016
32008A real opportunity for SHAPE and ACHSE to lead the national debate for health system reformIsouard, Godfrey 22-Jul-2011
42006Digital Repeat Analysis; Setup and OperationNol, J; Isouard, Godfrey ; Mirecki, J25-Jul-2011
52015Competency in innovation, creative and innovative thinking: challenges within the Health Management course curriculumIsouard, Godfrey ; Martins, Jo M; Friedman, Leonard H1-Apr-2016
62015Creativity and visioningIsouard, Godfrey 7-Apr-2016
72015Managing and leading staffBriggs, David ; Isouard, Godfrey 7-Apr-2016
82013Quality of pathology services: New strategic directions requiredIsouard, Godfrey 6-Aug-2013
92009Open accessNol, J; Isouard, Godfrey ; Hesson, M; McKenzie, C8-Jul-2011
102012Health Service Managers in Australia Part 4: hours worked, marital status, country of birth and Indigenous statusMartins, Jo M; Isouard, Godfrey 13-Mar-2013
112014Managers of Aged Care Residential ServicesMartins, Jo M; Isouard, Godfrey 30-Apr-2015
122012Editorial: An Urgent Need for Investment in Health Management EducationIsouard, Godfrey 10-Apr-2013
132010Leading and Managing the Implementation Process: the key to successful national health reformIsouard, Godfrey 3-May-2011
142014Competencies & Skills for Management of Systemic Changes in Australian Health Services: A predisposing, enabling and transforming frameworkMartins, Jo M; Isouard, Godfrey 8-May-2015
152006Improving organisational performance in health careIsouard, Godfrey ; Messum, Diana; Briggs, David ; McAlpin, Sue; Hanson, Susan23-Jan-2012
162014The competency of innovative thinking: challenges within the Health Management course curriculumIsouard, Godfrey ; Martins, Jo8-May-2015
172005Uncovering the causes of unnecessary repeated medical imaging examinations, or part of, in two hospital departmentsNol, James; Isouard, Godfrey ; Mirecki, Jerzy25-Jan-2012
182006Managing people in the health care industryIsouard, Godfrey ; Stanton, Pauline; Bartram, Timothy; Theissen, Valerie; Hanson, Susan20-Dec-2011
192014Health Service Managers in Australia: progression and evolutionMartins, Jo M; Isouard, Godfrey 30-Apr-2015
202010The Declaration: New strategic thinking to advancing health leadership and management through collaboration across the Asia Pacific regionIsouard, Godfrey ; Tejativaddhana, Phudit; Briggs, David ; Cruickshank, Mary ; Fraser, John ; Campbell, Steve 20-Feb-2012
212003Evaluation of domiciliary services and hospital discharge for older people with chronic and complex conditionsWilson, Stephen; Eccleston, Margaret; Marks, Rhona; Isouard, Godfrey 20-Feb-2012
222013Working on the Edge: Positive Organisational Scholarship in Healthcare (POSH) and Looking for What's Good in HealthcareFulop, Elizabeth; Dadich, Ann; Karimi, Leila; Smyth, Anne; Ditton, Mary ; Campbell, Steve ; Curry, Joanne; Eljiz, Kathy; Fitzgerald, Anneke; Hayes, Kathryn; Herington, Carmel; Isouard, Godfrey 3-Jun-2015
232009The opportunities and challenges of collaboration in health management research: The Australian experienceIsouard, Godfrey 20-Feb-2012
242007Hypnotherapy - poised to enter higher educationGraham, Jenny; Wilson, Ian; Isouard, Godfrey ; Cowen, Leon W20-Feb-2012
252012Building a Research Community of Practice, and Researching Brilliance in Health Care: Now for Something DifferentHayes, Kathryn J; Campbell, Steve ; Karimi, Leila; Smyth, Anne; Curry, Joanne; Dadich, Ann; Ditton, Mary ; Eljiz, Kathy; Fitzgerald, Janna-Anneke; Fulop, Liz; Herington, Carmel; Isouard, Godfrey 7-Mar-2013
262011The Brilliance Project in Healthcare: An Exploratory StudyFulop, Liz; Fitzgerald, Janna A; Hayes, Kate J; Herington, Carmel; Isouard, Godfrey ; Karimi, Laila; Kewley, Christopher; Smyth, Anne; Campbell, Steve ; Carter, Jenny; Chapman, G; Dadich, Ann; Ditton, Mary ; Edwards, Ian; Eljiz, Kathy; Fawkes, Sally7-Mar-2013
272012The Pathology Workforce Crisis: future solutionsIsouard, Godfrey 11-Mar-2013
282012Health Service Managers in Australia Part 1: service, geographical and category distributionMartins, Jo M; Isouard, Godfrey 13-Mar-2013
292012Health Service Managers in Australia Part 2: age and sex characteristicsMartins, Jo M; Isouard, Godfrey 13-Mar-2013
302012Health Service Managers in Australia Part 3: field of study, level of education and incomeMartins, Jo M; Isouard, Godfrey 13-Mar-2013
312010National Health Reform Success: It's all about Leadership and ManagementIsouard, Godfrey 17-May-2011
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