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12016Dudley Peninsula: Linguistic Pilgrimage and Toponymic Ethnography on an Almost IslandNash, Joshua 13-Jun-2017
22012In deep water: diving site names on Norfolk IslandNash, Joshua ; Chuk, Tin13-Jun-2017
32013Insular Toponymies: Place-naming on Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo IslandNash, Joshua 13-Jun-2017
42015Drawn Names: The Aesthetics of Linguistic Landscapes and Linguistic PilgrimageNash, Joshua 13-Jun-2017
52016Norfolk Island: Home to Descendants of the Bounty MutineersNash, Joshua ; Muhlhausler, Peter20-Nov-2017
62012Norfolk Island: history, people, environment, languageMühlhäusler, Peter; Nash, Joshua 15-Jan-2018
72011Linguistic and ethnographic aspects of place-naming of the Melanesian Mission, Norfolk IslandNash, Joshua 2-Feb-2018
82016Cultural aspects of Norfolk Island toponymyNash, Joshua 6-Feb-2018
92016Home-o: Being at Home with Reflections on Hetero-Homosexual IdentityNash, Joshua 9-Oct-2017
102016May I have your name please?: Norfolk Island hotel namesNash, Joshua 9-Oct-2017
112016Is linguistic landscape necessary?Nash, Joshua 9-Oct-2017
122016Thematic Section: Island Toponymies: Do island toponymies exist? (Guest Editorial Introduction)Nash, Joshua 10-Oct-2017
132017Linguistics, geography, and the potential of Australian island toponymiesNash, Joshua 18-Oct-2017
142017Drawing, toponymy, and linguistic pilgrimageNash, Joshua 6-Nov-2017
152016Toponymic skirmishes and marine encountersNash, Joshua 12-Feb-2018
162013Norfolk Pitcairn Bounty: Myth Narrative PlaceNash, Joshua 24-Mar-2017
172016Small-scale sea naming in Oceania: Island toponymies and Pitcairn Island fishing ground namesNash, Joshua 26-Feb-2018
182015"Sometime Is Lies": Narrative and Identity in Two Mixed-Origin Island LanguagesHendery, Rachel; Muhlhausler, Peter; Nash, Joshua 25-Aug-2017
192013Response and Rejoinder to Perley's ‘Zombie Linguistics’: It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a linguist to pass through the ‘Perley Gates’: A response to Perley's 'Zombie Linguistics'Nash, Joshua 25-Aug-2017
202014Linking language and the environment: the case of Norf'k and Norfolk IslandNash, Joshua ; Muhlhausler, P28-Aug-2017
212012Pristine Toponymy and Embedded Placenames on IslandsNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
222012Melanesian Mission Place Names on Norfolk IslandNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
232015Placenames and Ecolinguistics: Some Considerations for ToponymistsNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
242015A Nameless IslandNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
252015On the Possibility of Pidgin English Toponyms in Pacific MissionsNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
262014Naming places: on and around Kangaroo IslandNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
272014Norf'k placenames and creole toponymyNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
282012Placenames of Norfolk IslandNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
292011Norfolk Island, South Pacific: An Empirical Ecolinguistic Case StudyNash, J 28-Aug-2017
302016Beyond the island of metrics: An addendum to Stratford’s ten years of Island StudiesNash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
312016Professor A. S. C. Ross on Pitcairnese and the Pronunciation of “Pitcairn”Nash, Joshua 28-Aug-2017
322016The Shrī Hari Vansh Mantra-Yantra: Sacred sound, symbolic representation, and Vrindavan environmentalismNash, Joshua 4-Sep-2017
332014Things people speak?: A response to Orman's 'Linguistic diversity and language loss: a view from integrational linguistics' with rejoinderNash, Joshua ; Orman, Jon4-Sep-2017
342016Introduction: The space of aquapelagoNash, Joshua 4-Sep-2017
352015Vrindavan: The human sanctuaryNash, Joshua 4-Sep-2017
362015The How of Toponymy: A Comment on Tent's 'Approaches to Research in Toponymy'Nash, Joshua 4-Sep-2017
372015Is toponymy necessary?Nash, Joshua 4-Sep-2017
382015Island placenaming and insular toponymiesNash, Joshua 4-Sep-2017
392016An island, some fishers, and a few placenames: a research noteNash, Joshua 5-Sep-2017
402016Is Ecolinguistics Necessary?Nash, Joshua 12-Sep-2017
412016Signs of/on power, Power on/of Signs: Language-Based Tourism, Linguistic Landscapes and Onomastics on Norfolk IslandMuhlhausler, Peter; Nash, Joshua 18-Sep-2017
422015Can small islands tell large(r) stories?: The microcosm of Nepean Island, Norfolk Island ArchipelagoNash, Joshua 21-Sep-2017
432014Obtuse anglers: The linguistics and ethnography of fishing ground names on Norfolk IslandNash, Joshua 21-Sep-2017
442016Language contact and 'the Catch': Norfolk Island fishing ground namesNash, Joshua 21-Sep-2017
452012An Insular Toponymy: Place-Naming on Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo IslandNash, Joshua 12-Sep-2017
462012Insular toponymies: Pristine place-naming on Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaNash, Joshua 15-Sep-2017
472012Re-examining Ecological Aspects of Vrindavan PilgrimageNash, Joshua 15-Sep-2017
482013Landscape Underwater, Underwater Landscapes: Kangaroo Island Diving Site Names as Elements of the Linguistic LandscapeNash, Joshua 15-Sep-2017
492015Language and Place-knowledge on Norfolk IslandNash, Joshua ; Low, M21-Sep-2017
502015Architectural PilgrimageNash, Joshua 26-Sep-2017
Results 1-50 of 54 (Search time: 0.087 seconds).