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12003Are we asking the right question when we ask 'Is child care bad for children?'Sims, Margaret 17-Nov-2009
22003More Pilgrims Than a Temple Town can Handle: Study shows how pilgrimage sites can't manage the present surge of visitorsShinde, Kiran 29-Apr-2010
32003Connectivity in a dryland river: short-term aquatic microinvertebrate recruitment following floodplain inundationJenkins, Kim M ; Boulton, A 1-May-2008
42003An Exploration of Theoretical and Experimental Electron Density Distributions and SiO Bonded Interactions for the Silica Polymorph CoesiteGibbs, G; Whitten, Andrew; Spackman, Mark Arthur; Stimpfl, M; Downs, R; Carducci, M1-May-2009
52003The Management of TinnitusPreece, John P; Tyler, Richard S; Noble, William Glass 30-Apr-2010
62003Environmental emission of mercury during gold mining by amalgamation process and its impact on soils of Gympie, AustraliaDhindsa, Harkirat; Battle, Andrew; Prytz, S1-May-2009
72003International PhD students in Australian universities: financial support, course experience and career plansHarman, Grant 6-May-2010
82003The Mozart Effect and primary school childrenIvanov, Vesna; Geake, John 17-Aug-2011
92003The Art(s) of Non-violent ActivismBranagan, Marty 17-Aug-2011
102003The Determinants of Reporting Farm Crime in AustraliaBarclay, Elaine 30-Apr-2010
112003A New Method on Assigning Function Types to Line Segments for Function Approximation-based Image CodingKawazoe, Fumio; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kwan, Paul H 11-May-2010
122003Linearization of Isotropic Automorphisms of Non-quadratic Elliptic CR-Manifolds in ℂ⁴Ežov, Vladimir V; Schmalz, Gerd 12-May-2010
132003Human ecology and rural policing: A grounded theoretical analysis of how personal constraints and community characteristics influence strategies of law enforcement in rural New South Wales, AustraliaJobes, Patrick Clark16-Aug-2012
142003Travels That Lead to WisdomMoir-Bussy, Ann16-Aug-2012
152003Globalisation and Regional Renewal RevisitedJobes, Patrick Clark16-Aug-2012
162003Are Schools of Education Failing the Tertiary Mathematics Sector?Mays, Heather; Yearwood, John12-May-2010
172003Mountain Pass Solutions and an Indefinite Superlinear Elliptic Problem on ℝ^NDu, Yihong ; Guo, Yuxia19-Nov-2009
182003On a Free Boundary Problem Arising from Population BiologyDancer, Edward N; Du, Yihong 19-Nov-2009
192003Protecting volunteers?Eburn, Michael E19-Nov-2009
202003Concepts of Change: Enhancing the Practice of Academic Staff Development in Higher EducationSmyth, Robyn 11-Nov-2009
212003An Investigation into Error Propagation Chained ModelGao, Junbin21-Apr-2010
222003Biotechnology (GMO) issues and research priorities in natural resource managementStanley, John ; Hutchinson, Keith; Godwin, Ian Robert ; Gregg, Peter ; Jessop, Robin Stephen ; Katz, Margaret Ethel ; King, Kathleen Lora ; Prior, Julian Chisholm ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Thompson, D12-Nov-2009
232003A CGE Model Analysis of Effects of Adjustment to Terms of Trade Shocks on Agriculture and Income Distribution in KenyaKaringi, SN; Siriwardana, Mahinda 1-May-2009
242003Adapting Middle Level Educational Practices to Current Research on Brain FunctioningGeake, John 22-Apr-2010
252003The Crusade Against Evil: Bush's FundamentalismMaddox, W Graham1-May-2009
262003Endogenous Firm ObjectivesYalcin, Erkan; Renstrom, Thomas I22-Apr-2010
272003Review of 'Typical and Atypical Development: From conception to adolescence' Martin Herbert, Oxford: BPS Blackwell, 2002. ISBN 0-631-23467-5 (PB); 426 pp £17.99Boyle, Christopher 12-Dec-2014
282003Fast solution of large N x N matrix equations in an MIMD-SIMD hybrid systemSim, Leo Chin; Leedham, Graham ; Jian, Leo Chin; Schroder, Heiko23-Apr-2010
292003Criteria Used by Nurses to Evaluate Practice-Related Information on the World Wide WebCader, Raffik; Campbell, Steve ; Watson, Don21-Apr-2010
302003The nature and identification of quantitative trait loci: A community's viewAbiola, O; Angel, JM; Buck, KJ; Bureau, JF; Casley, WL; Chesler, EJ; Cheverud, JM; Churchill, GA; Cook, M; Crabbe, JC; Crusio, WE; Darvasi, A; Avner, P; de, Haan, G; Dermant, P; Doerge, RW; Elliot, RW; Farber, CR; Flaherty, L; Flint, J; Gershenfeld, H; Gibson, John Paul ; Gu, J; Bachmanov, AA; Gu, W; Belknap, JK; Bennett, B; Blankenhorn, EP; Blizard, DA; Bolivar, V; Brockmann, GA11-Nov-2009
312003Total Quality Management in the higher education sector: a literature review from an international and Australian perspectiveCruickshank, Mary 12-Dec-2014
322003Vertical semester organisation in a rural secondary school as a vehicle for acceleration of gifted studentsFardell, Reg; Geake, John 21-Apr-2010
332003The Canadian 'Model Forest' approach: A Way Forward for TasmaniaGray, Mathew; Wolfenden, John1-May-2009
342003Effects of temperature acclimation on maximum heat production, thermal tolerance, and torpor in a marsupialGeiser, Fritz ; Drury, Rebecca L; McAllan, Bronwyn Marie; Wang, D.H.16-Nov-2009
352003SUPS workers' perspectives of child care qualitySims, Margaret 16-Nov-2009
362003Teaching practical procedures in general practice: A primer for supervisors of medical students and registrarsFraser, John 16-Nov-2009
372003The Australian public service under the Keating Government: A case of weakened accountability?Kimber, M; Maddox, W Graham1-May-2009
382003Treatment Seeking in Young Women with AcneHanstock, Tanya; O'Mahony, JF4-Aug-2011
392003Crystal structures and properties of mutagenic 'N'-acyloxy-'N'-alkoxyamides - 'most pyramidal' acyclic amidesGillson, Ashley-Mae; Glover, Stephen ; Tucker, David ; Turner, P1-May-2009
402003Photoinduced electron transfer in paraquat inclusion complexes of porphyrin-based receptorsFlamigni, L; Talarico, A; Gunter, Maxwell John; Johnston, Martin; Jeynes, Tyrone1-May-2009
412003Optimal length of leys in an area with winter damage problemsLien, Gudbrand; Kristensen, A R; Hegrenes, A; Hardaker, J Brian29-Apr-2010
422003Neutral π - associated porphyrin [2]catenanesGunter, Maxwell John; Farquhar, Sandra1-May-2009
432003The Structure and Strength of the Propensity Inference: Singularity, Linkage and the other EvidenceHamer, David Acton1-May-2009
442003Comparative stability constants for metal ions with tetraazamacrocycles of various ring sizes carrying a single amine or carboxylate pendant groupBaran, Yakup; Bayada, Anne; Lawrance, Geoffrey A; Lye, Peter ; Maeder, Marcel; Wilkes, Eric19-Nov-2009
452003Playback Theatre: An Investigation Into Applied Theatre and Communities of Meaning, with Specific Reference to Education and HealthWright, Peter Robert; Lett, Warren; Vine, Kenneth 17-Aug-2017
462003Some Issues Facing Environmental Organisations in Developing Countries: A Case Study of the South Pacific Action Committee for Human Ecology and the EnvironmentTaylor, Neil ; Taylor, Subhashni 20-Nov-2009
472003A Perspective on a Decade of ChangeHarman, Grant 12-May-2010
482003A Critical Evaluation of Virtual Local Government in AustraliaDollery, Brian Edward 20-Nov-2009
492003Mission possible: A day of Science, Fun and CollaborationPanizzon, Debra Lee ; McLennan, G20-Nov-2009
502003Ethics and Knowledge in the Contemporary UniversityScott, Catherine4-May-2009
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