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12008Optimal Land-use with Carbon Payments and Fertilizer Subsidies in IndonesiaWise, Russell M; Cacho, Oscar Jose 19-Oct-2009
22008Information-Sharing and Strategy by Food Industry FirmsBaker, Derek ; Lind, Kim Martin Hjorth; Hansen, Henning Otte26-Sep-2014
32006Branding Behavior in the Danish Food IndustryBaker, Derek ; Baltzer, Kenneth; Moller, Anja Skadaer30-Sep-2014
42003Agriculture in the EU's Eastern Enlargement: The Current Status for CEECsBaker, Derek 30-Sep-2014
52009Agroforestry as integrated natural resource managementNuberg, Ian; Reid, Rowan; George, Brendan 30-Jun-2011
62009Financial and economic evaluation of agroforestryThompson, David; George, Brendan 30-Jun-2011
72009The 'Digital Grapevine' and the Global Flow of Wine: A Gravity Model of ICT in Wine TradeFleming, Euan ; Mueller, Rolf; Thiemann, Franziska23-Mar-2010
82009Characteristics of different consumer segments in the Australian beef marketMorales, Luis Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Vic ; Umberger, Wnedy; Fleming, Euan 22-Mar-2010
92009Measuring Productivity Growth in the Presence of Structural ChangeHolloway, Garth; Jones, Philip; Hadley, David; Fleming, Euan 22-Mar-2010
102009Spatially-explicit modelling for catchment-level salinity managementHean, Robyn; Cacho, Oscar Jose 26-Mar-2010
112006The impact of breeding to reduce residual feed intake on enteric methane emissions from the Australian beef industryAlford, AR; Hegarty, R; Parnell, PF; Cacho, Oscar Jose ; Herd, RM; Griffith, Garry27-Oct-2009
122006Productivity Change in the Australian Sheep Industry RevisitedVillano, R ; Fleming, E ; Farrell, T; Fleming, PA29-Sep-2008
132006Winners and losers from food industry policy: An application to Danish food industry firmsBaker, Derek 17-Oct-2014
142006A Reappraisal of the Role of Agriculture in Economic Growth in Melanesian CountriesFleming, E ; Fleming, PA29-Sep-2008
152009Concentration in Agribusiness and Marketing: A Case Study of Arla FoodsBaker, Derek ; Graber-Lutzhoft, Kimmie17-Oct-2014
162007Rural Development Policy and Food Industry Development: Investigations of Small Firms in DenmarkBaker, Derek ; Abildtrup, Jens; Hedetoft, Anders17-Oct-2014
172006Efficiency and Productivity at the Farm Level in England and Wales 1982 to 2002Hadley, David 2-Jul-2012
182008Estimating the range of economic impacts on farms of nutrient leaching reduction policiesFezzi, C; Rigby, D; Bateman, I J; Hadley, David ; Posen, P10-Jul-2012
192002Mariculture of giant clams, 'Tridacna crocea' and 'T. derasa': management for maximum profit by smallholders in Solomon IslandsHean, Robyn L; Cacho, Oscar Jose 21-Aug-2013
202008Productivity and farm profit - a microeconomic analysis of the cereal sector in England and WalesHadley, David ; Irz, Xavier10-Jul-2012
212006Patterns in Technical Efficiency and Technical Change at the Farm-level in England and Wales, 1982-2002Hadley, David 10-Jul-2012
222006Analysing the Agricultural Costs and Non-market Benefits of Implementing the Water Framework DirectiveBateman, I J; Brouwer, R; Kay, D; Leeks, G; Lewis, M; Lovett, AA; Neal, C; Posen, P; Rigby, D; Turner, R K; Davies, H; Day, B H; Deflandre, A; Di Falco, S; Georgiou, S; Hadley, David ; Hutchins, M; Jones, A P10-Jul-2012
232004Diversification economies and specialisation efficiencies in a mixed food and coffee smallholder farming system in Papua New GuineaCoelli, TJ; Fleming, Euan 2-May-2008
242005Consumer perceptions and demand for organic food in Australia: Focus group discussionsChang, C ; Zepeda, L13-Nov-2008
252009New Product Introductions in the Danish Food Industry: A Quantile Regression Model for Count DataPark, Timothy A; Baker, Derek 13-Nov-2014
262006Technical Efficiency in Intensive Rainfed Cropping SystemsVillano, R ; Lucas, MP; Pandey, S21-Apr-2008
272005On the Measurement of Subset Input Overuse Using Data Envelopment AnalysisShankar, B; Hadley, David 17-Jul-2012
282003Adding value to your farm productsStayner, Richard ; Doyle, Brendan4-Jun-2010
292008An Assessment of the Impact of Strategic Alliances in Food Processing on the Technical Efficiency of Housewives Groups in ThailandNonthakot, Phanin; Villano, Renato ; Fleming, Euan 7-Sep-2011
302006Effects of shade on seed production of 'Nassella trichotoma' in northern New South WalesTrotter, Tieneke ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Murison, Robert David ; Jessop, Robin Stephen 24-Oct-2012
312003Economics and Policy of Food ProductionRola-Budzen, MF; Hardaker, John Brian2-Jul-2010
322008Technical efficiency and environmental-technological gaps in wheat production in Kerman province of IranBoshrabadi, Hossein; Villano, Renato ; Fleming, Euan 3-Dec-2009
332002The Demand for Wine in Australia Using a Systems Approach: Industry ImplicationsChang, Christie ; Griffith, Garry ; Bettington, Nicholas4-Dec-2009
342008An economic approach to soil fertility management for wheat production in north-eastern AustraliaFarquharson, Robert J; Cacho, Oscar Jose ; Mullen, John D; Schwenke, Graeme 4-Dec-2009
352005The Payoff from Generic Advertising by the Australian Pig Industry in the Presence of TradeMounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry ; Piggott, Ronald Roy24-Nov-2009
362005The Payoff from Generic Advertising by the Australian Pig Industry: Further Results Relative to the Payoff from R&DMounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry ; Piggott, Ronald Roy; Mullen, John D24-Nov-2009
372003Australia Fresh fruits and vegetables: Why do so many of them remain unbranded?Pearson, David Hugh24-Nov-2009
382007Agricultural productivity change in Pacific Island countriesFleming, Euan 25-Nov-2009
392007Use of the single factoral terms of trade to analyse agricultural productionFleming, Euan 25-Nov-2009
402005Labelling Issues of Organic and GM Foods in AustraliaChang, Christie 25-Nov-2009
412007Geographical Indication for New England Wines in NSWChang, Christie ; Campbell, Gene Steven; Sniekers, Peter25-Nov-2009
422005The Australian Organic Food Products Market: Overview, Issues and Research NeedsChang, Christie ; Zepeda, Lydia; Griffith, Garry 25-Nov-2009
432009An 'Ex Ante' Analysis of the Incidence of Relative Returns from R&D and Promotion Investments in the Australian Sheep and Wool IndustriesMounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry ; Piggott, Ronald; Fleming, Euan ; Zhao, Xueyan1-Jun-2010
442003Modelling apple orchard systemsHester, S ; Cacho, OJ 6-May-2008
452006Comparison of risk in organic, integrated and conventional cropping systems in eastern NorwayLien, Gudbrand; Flaten, Ola; Korsaeth, Auden; Schumann, Keith D; Richardson, James W; Eltun, Ragnar; Hardaker, J Brian2-Jun-2010
462003Risk Aversion in Economic Decision Making: Pragmatic Guides for Consistent Choice by Natural Resource ManagersAnderson, Jock R; Hardaker, John Brian31-May-2010
472004Use of strategies and decision rules by Australian wool producers to manage uncertaintyMurray-Prior, Roy; Wright, Victor 30-Nov-2009
482004Coping with Risk in AgricultureHardaker, John Brian; Huirne, R M B; Anderson, Jock R; Lien, G2-Jun-2010
492006Introduction and OverviewAlston, Julian M; Pardey, Philip G; Piggott, Ronald Roy6-Dec-2011
502006Agricultural R&D in the Developing World: Too Little, Too Late?Pardey, Philip G; Alston, Julian M; Piggott, Ronald Roy6-Dec-2011
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