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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Competing Voices on the Road: Seeking Pleasure and Representing Death on the Pacific HighwayClark, Jennifer Rose ; Cushing, Nancy; Oakley, Rilka5-May-2010
22008Thailand: Women and spaces for labour organizingBrown, Andrew John; Chaytaweep, Saowalak5-May-2010
32004The Middle of LucanTesoriero, Charles Anthony 4-May-2009
42004Post-development theory and comparative educationMakuwira, Jonathan; Ninnes, Peter Martin4-May-2009
52002Magno proles indigna parente: The role of Sextus Pompeius in Lucan's Bellum CivileTesoriero, Charles Anthony 4-May-2009
62007Politics and Parties in New England: Discoveries, Problems, Solutions and Future DirectionsBongiorno, Francis Robert4-May-2009
72006Aborigines and CitizensJordan, Matthew Brian4-May-2009
82006SchoolsMitchell, Bruce Arthur; Newall, Jean5-May-2009
92006Religious LifeClark, Jennifer Rose 5-May-2009
102006PoliticsBongiorno, Francis Robert6-May-2009
112008English PrefaceGarland, Lynda14-May-2010
122008Roman and Byzantine PeriodsGarland, Lynda14-May-2010
132006Post-conflict peacebuilding: Who determines the peace?Spence, Rebecca6-May-2009
142006A tale of two independentsBongiorno, Francis Robert7-May-2009
152000Elemental Philosophy: Language and Ontology in Mary Daly's TextsGray, Frances Marie19-Oct-2009
162005Legitimation and TrustArcher, JR25-Sep-2008
172007The political economy of adult education and developmentBoughton, Robert George ; Durnan, Deborah20-Oct-2009
182005Orwell's Political VisionArcher, JR30-Sep-2008
192007Seeing the Dead: Giving Visibility to the Victims of Road Trauma with Roadside MemorialsClark, Jennifer Rose 12-May-2009
202006New EnglandMessner, Andrew Charles ; Bongiorno, Francis Robert12-May-2009
212005Political Legitimacy in AustraliaMaddox, W Graham13-May-2009
222007IntroductionClark, Jennifer Rose 12-May-2009
232006New EnglandBongiorno, Francis Robert; Messner, Andrew Charles 12-May-2009
242006James Squire Farnell: (18.12.1877 - 20.12.1878)Bongiorno, Francis Robert12-May-2009
252005Legitimating Liberal DemocracyLynch, Anthony James ; Wells, David Alan13-May-2009
262008Judas As An Abraham Figure In The 'Gospel of Judas'Franzmann, Majella Maria 4-Jun-2010
272004Sub-Contracting, Small-Batch Production and Home-Based Women WorkersWright, Denis Arthur26-May-2009
282005Legitimacy in a Pluralist ContextD´Agostino, Frederick Bruce29-May-2009
292005Remembering Ol' 55: The Victorian Fabian Society and the road to interventionBongiorno, Francis Robert29-May-2009
302011Lady Helen Munro Ferguson and the Australian Red Cross: Vice-regal Leader and Internationalist in the early Twentieth CenturyOppenheimer, Melanie 7-Nov-2012
312007The Erosion of Trust in Australian Public LifeArcher, Jeffrey Robert23-Jun-2009
322006Mary 'of Alania': Woman & Empress Between Two WorldsGarland, Lynda; Rapp, Stephen23-Jun-2009
332006Imperial Women and Entertainment at the Middle Byzantine CourtGarland, Lynda23-Jun-2009
342003Origins of the Present Crisis?: Fabianism, Intellectuals and the Making of the Whitlam GovernmentBongiorno, Francis Robert1-Jul-2009
352008Perspective: A Peaceful State? Australian politics in the twentieth centuryBongiorno, Francis Robert30-Apr-2009
362005The Changing Face of PeacekeepingSpence, Rebecca; Iribarnegaray, Deanna Rose30-Apr-2009
372005Observations on Select Christian Inscriptions in the Syriac Script from ZaytonEccles, L; Franzmann, Majella Maria ; Lieu, S30-Apr-2009
382005The Universal Value of DemocracyLynch, Anthony James ; Wells, David Alan30-Apr-2009
392005Tolstoy's Henry George: 'a step on the first rung of the ladder...'Knowles, Robert William30-Apr-2009
402002Suntagma Hoplôn: The Equipment of Regular Byzantine Troops, c.950 to c.1204Dawson, Timothy20-May-2009
412006What if New South Wales had not paid parliamentarians until after Federation?Bongiorno, Francis Robert11-Jun-2009
422003Kropotkin and Reclus: Geographers, evolution and 'mutual aid'Knowles, Robert William11-Jun-2009
432008Tools of the Ancestors?: Evidence for Culturally Modified Human Bone from Tongan Skeletal AssemblagesStorey, Alice 18-Jun-2010
442007Manichaean Views of Women: A Study of the Teaching and Perspectives on Women from the 'Kephalaia of the Teacher' and the 'Manichaean Psalm Book'Franzmann, Majella Maria 12-Jun-2009
452009Early Pleistocene stone technology at Mata Menge, central Flores, IndonesiaBrumm, Adam; Kurniawan, I; Moore, Mark ; Suyono,; Setiawan, R; Jatmiko,; Morwood, Michael J ; Aziz, F1-Jul-2010
462008Labor Policy in ThailandBrown, Andrew John17-Feb-2010
472006An Heretical Use of the New Testament: a Manichaean quotation/adaptation of Matt 6:19-20 in P. Kell. Copt. 32Franzmann, MM 11-Aug-2008
482012Objects of subversion: Contested spaces, competing stories and the material culture of motoringClark, Jennifer R 14-Dec-2012
492006Governance in the Pacific: The Cases of Vanuatu and AustraliaArcher, JR18-Sep-2008
502006Street-life in Constantinople: Women and the CarnivalesqueGarland, L16-May-2008
Results 1-50 of 86 (Search time: 0.038 seconds).