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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12001Intraspecific differences in behaviour and physiology: effects of captive breeding on patterns of torpor in feathertail glidersGeiser, Fritz ; Ferguson, C17-Nov-2009
22001Dietary fats and body lipid composition in relation to hibernation in free-ranging echidnasFalkenstein, F; Koertner, Gerhard ; Watson, Kenneth ; Geiser, Fritz 17-Nov-2009
32005Thermal physiology of pregnant and lactating female and male long-eared bats, 'Nyctophilus geoffroyi' and 'N. gouldi'Turbill, Christopher; Geiser, Fritz 18-Nov-2009
42005Physiological and Ecological Aspects of Roost Selection by Reproductive Female Hoary Bats ('Lasiurus cinereus')Willis, Craig; Brigham, RM12-Sep-2011
52007Body temperature variation of free-ranging and captive southern brown bandicoots 'Isoodon obesulus' (Marsupialia: Peramelidae)Warnecke, Lisa; Withers, Philip; Schleucher, E; Maloney, SK13-Sep-2011
62006Roost selection by forest-living female big brown bats ('Eptesicus fuscus')Willis, Craig; Voss, CM; Brigham, R Mark13-Sep-2011
72007Yearlong hibernation in a marsupial mammalGeiser, Fritz 6-May-2009
82005Thermal energetics of female big brown bats ('Eptesicus fuscus')Willis, Craig; Lane, JE; Liknes, ET; Swanson, DL; Brigham, R Mark13-Sep-2011
92006Photoperiod affects daily torpor and tissue fatty acid composition in deer miceGeiser, Fritz ; McAllan, Bronwyn Marie; Kenagy, GJ; Hiebert, SM6-May-2009
102006Ecological correlates of torpor use among five caprimulgiform birdsBrigham, R M; Woods, Christopher P; Lane, Jeffrey E; Fletcher, Quinn E; Geiser, Fritz 23-Nov-2009