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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Symbolic behaviour and the peopling of the southern arc route to AustraliaBalme, Jane; Davidson, Iain ; McDonald, Jo; Stern, Nikki; Veth, Peter9-Mar-2010
22007A Reinvestigation of the Archaeology of Geosurveys Hill, Northern Simpson DesertSmith, Mike; Ross, June 9-Mar-2010
32009Dating the Dreaming: extinct fauna in the petroglyphs of the Pilbara region, Western AustraliaMulvaney, Ken 12-Mar-2010
42012Non-destructive pXRF of mafic stone toolsGrave, Peter ; Attenbrow, Val; Sutherland, Lyn; Pogson, Ross; Forster, Nicola29-May-2012
52017Non-destructive Provenancing of Ground-Edged Mafic Artifacts: A Holocene Case Study from the Sydney Basin, AustraliaAttenbrow, Val; Corkill, Tessa; Pogson, Ross; Sutherland, Lin; Grave, Peter 17-Jan-2019
62010The economics of grindstone production at Narcoonowie quarry, Strzelecki DesertSmith, Mike; McBryde, Isabel; Ross, June 9-Jun-2011
72012Crossing the Great Divide: A ground-edged hatchet-head from Vaucluse, SydneyAttenbrow, Valerie; Graham, Ian; Kononenko, Nina; Corkill, Tessa; Byrnes, John; Barron, Lawrence; Grave, Peter 13-Jun-2012
82015Sex & Gender: An archaeological analysis of rock art of the northwest KimberleyHolt, Deborah Ann; Ross, June 12-Jan-2016
92015Continuity and Change: Exploring stylistic transitions in the anthropomorphic figures of the northwest Kimberley rock art assemblage and the varying contexts of rock art productionTravers, Meg Elizabeth; Ross, June ; Brady, Liam13-Jan-2016