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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Defining fitness in natural and domesticated populationsBarker, J Stuart F1-Apr-2010
22011A Contemporary View of Population Genetics in EvolutionMagalhaes, Joao Carlos M; Gondro, Cedric 1-May-2013
32017Genetic Biomarkers for EndometriosisLee, Sang Hong ; Sapkota, Yadav; Fung, Jenny; Montgomery, Grant W24-May-2018
42013Detection of Signatures of Selection Using F STPorto-Neto, Laercio R; Lee, S H; Lee, H K; Gondro, Cedric 8-Apr-2014
52003Phylogenetic, geographical, and temporal analysis of female reproductive trade-offs in DrosophilidaeStarmer, WT; Polak, M; Pitnick, S; McEvey, SF; Barker, J Stuart F; Wolf, LL9-Aug-2010
62014Status and management of the endangered wild water buffalo ('Bubalis arnee') in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, NepalKandel, Ram Chandra; Barker, J Stuart F; Melletti, Mario12-Jun-2015