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12006Review of 'Constructing Grounded Theory. A Practical Guide Through Qualitative Analysis' Kathy Charmaz. London: Sage Publications (2006). Paperback - £19.99. ISBN: 0-7619-7353-2. Cloth - £60.00. ISBN: 0-7619-7352-4.Boyle, Christopher 26-Nov-2014
22012Editorial: Australian Educational Psychology With an International FocusBoyle, Chris 4-Mar-2014
32013Editorial: The Future is Bright: The Future is Educational and Developmental PsychologyBoyle, Chris 4-Mar-2014
42012Review of 'Vygotsky's legacy: a foundation for research and practise', by Margaret E. Gredler and Carolyn Claytor Shields, New York, The Guilford Press, 2008, 242 pp., £24.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-59385-491-1Boyle, Christopher 7-Feb-2014
52012Editorial: International Recognition for Australian ResearchBoyle, Christopher 7-Feb-2014
62014Exploring the contribution of attribution retraining to student perceptions and the learning processChodkiewicz, Alicia; Boyle, Chris 5-Mar-2014
72015Editorial: The Diversity of Educational and Developmental PsychologyBoyle, Christopher 29-Sep-2015
82015Validity of the German Test Anxiety Inventory (TAI-G) in an Australian sampleMowbray, Tony; Jacobs, Kate; Boyle, Christopher 7-May-2015
92015What do you do when your child is the bully, rather than the victimSwayn, Natalie; Boyle, Christopher ; Anderson, Jo 21-May-2015
102013Editorial: Eclecticism, Diversity and the Practice of Educational and Developmental PsychologyBoyle, Christopher 22-Sep-2014