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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Quantifying transitions in response allocation with change point analysis in concurrent chainsKyonka, Elizabeth 28-Aug-2017
22016Environmental dynamics modulate covariation of choice and timingSubramaniam, Shrinidhi; Kyonka, Elizabeth 28-Aug-2017
32008The matching law and effects of reinforcer rate and magnitude on choice in transitionKyonka, Elizabeth 17-Feb-2018
42006Choice and timing in concurrent chains: Effects of initial-link durationGrace, Randolph C; Berg, Mark E; Kyonka, Elizabeth 17-Feb-2018
52007Rapid acquisition of choice and timing in pigeonsKyonka, Elizabeth ; Grace, Randolph C17-Feb-2018
62010Rapid Acquisition of Choice and Timing and the Provenance of the Terminal-Link EffectKyonka, Elizabeth ; Grace, Randolph C16-Feb-2018
72017Categorical Discrimination of Sequential Stimuli: All SΔ Are Not Created EqualKyonka, Elizabeth ; Rice, Nathaniel; Ward, Alexander A17-Feb-2017
82015Biasing Temporal Judgments in Rats, Pigeons, and HumansDaniels, Carter W; Fox, Adam E; Kyonka, Elizabeth ; Sanabria, Federico17-Feb-2017
92015Commentary "A Crisis in Comparative Psychology: Where have all the Undergraduates Gone?" Collaborating with Behavior Analysts Could Avert a Crisis in Comparative PsychologyKyonka, Elizabeth ; Subramaniam, Shrinidhi; Bell-Garrison, Daniel; Eckard, Matthew L17-Feb-2017
102016What is timed in a fixed-interval temporal bisection procedure?Fox, Adam E; Prue, Katelyn E; Kyonka, Elizabeth 17-Feb-2017