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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Geochemical provenience of 16th-19th century C.E. Asian ceramics from Torres Strait, northeast AustraliaGrave, Peter ; McNiven, Ian J6-Aug-2013
22013Climate change frames debate over the extinction of megafauna in Sahul (Pleistocene Australia-New Guinea)Wroe, Stephen ; Field, Judith; Archer, Michael; Grayson, Donald; Price, Gilbert; Louys, Julien; Faith, J Tyler; Webb, Gregory E; Davidson, Iain ; Mooney, Scott D7-Mar-2014
32011Characteristics of a Pigment Art Sequence: Woronora Plateau, New South WalesHuntley, Jillian Alice; Watchman, Alan; Dibden, Julie12-Sep-2011
42015One Colour, (at Least) Two Minerals: A Study of Mulberry Rock Art Pigment and a Mulberry Pigment 'Quarry' from the Kimberley, Northern AustraliaHuntley, Jillian Alice; Aubert, Maxim; Ross, June ; Brand, Helen E A; Morwood, Michael J 22-Jan-2015
52013'All our sites are of high significance': Reflections from recent work in the Hunter Valley - Archaeological and Indigenous perspectivesSutton, Mary-Jean; Huntley, Jillian Alice; Anderson, Barry9-Apr-2014
62015Looking Up and Looking Down: Pigment Chemistry as a Chronological Marker in the Sydney Basin Rock Art Assemblage, AustraliaHuntley, Jillian Alice6-Nov-2015
72012Non-destructive pXRF of mafic stone toolsGrave, Peter ; Attenbrow, Val; Sutherland, Lyn; Pogson, Ross; Forster, Nicola29-May-2012